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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks everyone

Ok here are mistakes that i found in Zvezda and Strelets sets.

Lets begin with Zvezda:

Swedish infantry, all mistakes are written in PSR, but still there are some more:

1. Sergeant with partisan. He should have halberd, only officers had partisan, and sergeants are not officers.

2. Officer halfpike is very short.

3. Small flag.

4. They have no powder "natruski", i dont know how say it in English, but this item was very important, without this item you could not charge your musket.

5. Small hats, tricorns.

6. Grenadiers mitre caps only useful post Poltava, so box period is a mistake, should be 1710-1721

Ok lets talk about Russian infantry:

1. Small hats, tricorns.

2. Small flag.

3. Pike is 1,5-2 meters long and should be 5 meters.

4. No powder "natruski".

5. Nobody has scabbard for bayonets.

6. Very short halberd and partisan.

7. Fantastic pose of the musketeer who is "bitting bullet". its a mistake because there are no powder "natruski". And sculptor and nobody in Zvezda team or Strelets team knows how charged musket in GNW period, the same problem for Strelets sets.

8. They all should wear the overstockings and nobody wear it.

I wont write all Strelets mistakes, because they are the same + some more, like russian guard grenadiers helmets are incorrect, swedish musketeers has no bayonets, muskets very short, and so on......

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks everyone

Hi Yevgen,

many thanks for your listing. You are right with all of your comments. The only thing I don't know is "Natruski". You mean maybe a powder-horn like a British rifleman? They had no paper-cartridges so the biting isn't correct. Is this what you mean?
Sadly such mistakes often appear in sets. The sculptors don't know the regular manuals and often never tried to fire a musket just to see how it works.

Ok, the length of pikes is always to short in figure-sets. I am so used with this, that I don't recognise it anymore The Tricornes - ok, but I can live with this.

I thought more about mistakes in the uniform-coat, like the too small cuffs on the Zvezda Swedish.
The bayonet scabbard is really a big mistake, I have not seen this.

So let us say we aggree ok?


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks everyone

Yeah "natruski" is powder=horn. During GNW swedish and russian soldiers used powder horns, wich changed in some things the way of recharging the musket. It was a little bit different than in napoleonic period.

Yeah, i agree with you about pikes, but Strelets could do this, and their pi¨kes are not so bad, so Zvezda also could do this. Still its not big problem, but its incorrect.

About tricorns, the same, not very important inaccuracy.

The problems are small, but still its not correct. I just posted historical mistakes, but still these sets are very good and highly recommended to buy.

thanks to all

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks everyone

I agree. Thank you very much for listing the errors. It is easy to simply shoot down a set by claiming that it is unhistorical. It is far more helpful to lay out what you perceive the errors in a set to be so that 1) others can investigate this for themselves to see if they are still interested in buying the set, and 2) you can takes steps through painting, conversions etc. to correct the errors.

Posting photos??

Dear Yevgen,

thank for the work you have done. Bill is right, shooting down is easy but to proof it is something very helpful to others.

Last evening, when I checked my sources I wondered if it would be possible to post photos here in our discussions. That would be a great addition to our "problems". A photo can say more than 1000 words.

Strelts, what do you think about it?


Re: GNW Flags

Dear Mike,

you can find Russian designs on:

Unfortunately the text is in old (pre 1917 Revolution) Russian, so we are unsure how it will work with modern translation software.

Probably some of our Russian-speaking visitors will help you with the translation.

Best regards,