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Napoleonic dragoons

Strelets, of course, have already made dismounted Nap French dragoons.
I improvised horses & converted some figures to horse-holders.
This is one of my favourite units.
more dismounted cavalry would be great.

Re: Oh yes and Napoleonics too

Seeinging as how Strelets has already given us French Dismounted Dragoons, I think it would be great if they would produce Austrian, Russian and Prussian ones too.
Maybe put 16 of each type in one box, I believe most gamers/collectors would buy multiple boxes.

Paul K.

Re: Dismounted US Cavalry

I like the idea of dismounted cavalry too! Especially
Union and Confederate troopers since they often fought
dismounted. Such a set could have a couple of horse
holders, and a skirmish line of cavalrymen, say firing
standing and kneeling, reloading, advancing, perhaps lying and firing as well, plus an officer and bugler.
A set like this has never been made and would certainly appeal to the large number of people interested in the American Civil War.

Re: Re: Dismounted WW I Cavalry

Thanks for opening this thread. Some time ago I was pleading for the subject above. So, the more the merrier.

Re: Re: Re: Dismounted Period

I am convinced that dismounted Cavilry from any point in history, would be welcome.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Dismounted Period

Dismounted Cavalry for AWI, WW1 etc.: Would you prefer mini-sets with 48 soldiers or regular sets with 12 dismounted soldiers plus horses (standing and lying)?

Personally, I'd prefer regular sets, thus getting more variety for horse poses.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dismounted Period

Fot this subject, I would say the regular 48 pose set

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dismounted Period

Great suggesstions. AWI dismounted cavalry would be very nice indeed. (and acw too, I need Union troopers for the opening scene of Gettysburg) And, talking about cavalry, what about some sets of WSS dismounted (french) dragoons, and french and allied cavalry. (and ofcourse infantry!)



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dismounted Period

The Mini-series frmat would be perfect for ACW cavalry skirmish lines. One set could represent both sides in wargaming terms, with a mix of kepis and campaign hats, Colts and carbines.


Re: Dismounted ACW Cavalry

dismounted ACW cavalry would be a wonderful thing! so many of these units fought on foot, especially Buford's troopers at Gettysburg.

Re: Re: Dismounted ACW Cavalry

I agree - absolutely.

I had to convert a number of dismounted cavalrymen from infantry models to have some of them for my confederate army.