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Four best sellers!

My note on a string below re.pirate ship refered to Strelets having three of their 'mini sets' in Hannants top ten.
That should read FOUR !
Hopefully this bodes well for Strelets to perhaps consider other periods for the'mini-set' format.
Crimean War
a)Turkish Infantry and
b)British Grenadier Guards.
Sudan War
a) British Squares on the march.
b) Camel Corp
Napoleonic Wars
a) Retreat to Corunna and
b) Retreat from Moscow
Is there any news of the first two on my list from your *R range, Strelets?
Best regards


Re: Four best sellers!

Bonjour Mssr. Murat!

Oui, I agree the best sellers status should be great economic news to the S*R Team. One sprew for Mini Sets vs. four sprews should translate into significantly healthier profits.

The Alanger ships look nice, I especially like the 18th Century Flag Ship. Merci beaucoup.

And I agree with Hank, we both like your recommended futures sets. I especially would enjoy a Colonial British Square set. All would be even better! And can't wait for Romans to arrive in the U.S.

Au revoir for now - Dave