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Non...C'est Cuirassieurs et Grenadiers a Cheval -Poor Boris

But Really wish for Chasseurs D'Afrique and French Cavalry(Dragoons) Crimean

I admit,am getting so impatient for Tturkish Infantry.

Pity Boris yeltsin died today he sure was an international character.

Re: Non...C'est Cuirassieurs et Grenadiers a Cheval -Poor Boris

Well, they are listed as Napoleonics so they sure as hell aren't Chasseurs d'Afrique........

Re: Re: Non...C'est Cuirassieurs et Grenadiers a Cheval -Poor Boris

Oh, I've overseen this. Napoleonic French cavalry?
Well maybe good cuirassiers bigger than the small Esci and Airfix guys would be a good addition.
But the big head - ok, we need patience.

No Chasseurs Afrique ?


sure looks like french bearskins in there

But i was wrong with the russian dragoons(curseS). Guess Yuri is having alot of fun with our imaginations.

but just where are the Turkish Infantry Strelets.....

Awaiting imminent 9 box order (3-dragoons 3-don cossacks and 3-uhlans) be here soon from hannants.Poses another problem lots and lots of horse artillery now needed.

my bets: blue dragoons and green hussars

So we know napoleonic dragoons & hussars in winter dress will be shortly officialy announced here. The blue figures seem to have the comb of dragoons on the helmet. I don't think there is a french eagle on the banner, but a normal spear-tip. Some of the green figures miss weapons, probably because they are hussars with detachable lances. I admit the head-dress doesn't realy look like a kiver. I'm not concerned about the flag - Strelets provides them for all napoleonic cavalry.

Just my guesses

Re: my bets: blue dragoons and green hussars (OF COURSE - RUSSIAN)

Sorry, on my previous posting I didn't mention this. But the cavalry will be russian.