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Re: Re: Re: Dear Strelets-R regarding your Breton and Norman knights?

As a Hastings fan I think those 2 new sets are a very good idea.
I really look forward to see your first pictures of them.
I am sure you already know but the Osprey series provides good information about the subject.
I do especially like The Angus Mac Bride beautifuly illustrated Elite book about the Normans which includes a very "lifely" page about the battle of Hastings.
Please STRELETS show us the pictures.

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Replying to:

Dear Strelets,

What should we understand for "usual armor"??

Not a parade one

Re: Not a parade one

sorry for my misunderstanding, but will the Breton knights of the 11th/12th century, or much later? (I hope
the first period :) )



Re: Re: Not a parade one

Dear Christiaan,

actually this set is a set of the mounted allies of the Normans for the battle of Hastings, not Bretons only.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Not a parade one


Re: Re: Re: Re: Not a parade one

Yes Great indeed.

We look forward to see the pictures!!!