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Re: Re: Game: "You're in the Legion now, you scum; march or die where you fall!"

1.Erik Wulkan
2.I´ve killed an arsehole
3.Of course,younguer I was at the "Spanish marines"not so popular as the American ones,but the first in History and,of course,hard enough.
4.Yes,but only God knows how much time.
5.Sure,is the Legion way!
6.There must be friends,even at hell!

8.Love the country,love the girls and girls are my weakness
9.Anabel,a black haired angel.
10.Camerone´s way is good enough,don´t you think so?

11.I really ,really love FFL. and I like this game,is funny I hope no censorship this time.I miss anything,last time I wrote.I just made a list of things about USA I loved... and my e-mail was censored.I do not know why.I was not ofending anyone.

Bonjour sodats now

1. Legionnaire Henri de B'Astard
2. zat beetch soon to be ex wife of mine
3. How you say "never say,never again" no big deal
4. We're related
5. anytheng beats listening to zee mother in law from hell
6. I have no emotions left except for my pet scorpion who guards mon cigarettes.A funny trick for les braves qui forget to ask first...non ? Amis , you are never alone in La Legion.

7. je demande pour 2eme Rep (as posting to 3eme Regt L'Etrange sucked)
8. Par avion and the long weekend passes
9. To settle in Afrique with "zsa-zsa" La company cantiniere a Perpignon who sings the best patriotic version I hear of Le Boudan.Only if she loses her rude toucan.

10. I have plenty of the scars already
from losers attempts, but in la gloire de guerre mais.. not in barracks when playing boule.

11. Vive France..vive zsa-zsa's onion soup
1. Legion name?:
2. Reason for running away from your life?":
3. Could you stand the pain of training?":
4. Could you (really, really) take orders from Dagineau?"
5. Could accept that your new found fate was to die for FFL?"
6. Could you find friends or be loner?:

7. Which legion would you join?:
8. Why this ligion?:
9. What is your Romantic Dream ???????????? ::::
(What's her name?)
10. How would you like to die in the tradition of the Legion?:

11. Feel free to anything more ... !!!