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to David Hennen

Hi Dave, thanks for the intelligence on Gulliver: I'd heard this years ago but considered that it might be mythology. I believe they had planned to follow up the 1/72nd confederate cavalry (which were excellent) with Prussian infantry in 1/32nd scale. Did any other work get to sculpting or off the drawing board stage? May the miscreant who stole the cash box get his just desserts! John D.

Re: to David Hennen

Well I am not Dave, but I know the Gulliver story.
The cashbox was not stolen, the boss of Gulliver did it himself.

There was another set, 1/72 Roman auxiliary cavalry. The masters were sold to Finescale factory and then casted in metal.


Re: Re: to David Hennen

Hi John D. & Uwe,

At that time, I sent my cash investment thru the mail-order supplier I was using then. Like dominos, I trusted him, and he trusted Gulliver. I'm confident we both had our money ripped-off by Gulliver. I didn't care to ask for any names. I just dropped it.

But it sounds like if anyone approaches any of us forum members for partnership investments, they should post names and details to find out if there are any previous rumors of dishonesty. It sounds like the toy soldier community is pretty familiar with each other these days, and these forums are an excellent way to get peoples opinions so we can protect each other. With the internet, it is a small, small world!

Take care!

Story of Gulliver

I also know a bit of the story. Yes, there was fraud within the company. I thought it was an employee, not the owner.

And there was work being done on an ancient egyptians set. I know that because I got a prototype box for it, marked with the Gulliver logos and such, but still with the text from the confederate cavalry set.


Re: Story of Gulliver


was it an empty box or were there actually some figures in it? Might be nice to have those released, if someone can track down the masters...