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Medieval sets in 2007...

Dear all.

I am trying to get an owerview of the medieval sets planned for 2007.

These are the sets I know of:

- Medieval levy 1
- medieval levy 2

- Medieval peasant army
- Several new personality sets
- Medieval heavy sledge

- Medieval english knights
- (Polish hussars)
- (janasaries)

- Medieval knights with crested helmets
- Viking ship with rowers

- Husite Army

Lucky Toys
- Medieval Turkish army
- Army of Vlad the impaler

- Spannish light infantry (El Cid)
- Spannish heavy infantry (El Cid)
- Morish army (El Cid)

Anyone else know of some planned releases?

Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

I also waiting for more info:especialy hussites,english knights,polish winged hussars,and knights with crested helmets.

By the way,how is going work with teutonic knights?it's going to be full mounted set with few dismounted cavalrymen?It will be made of plastic?

Best regards!

Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

zvezda vikings ofcourse

Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

There is Casear Wars of the Roses, although I dont know if that is a 2007 set. Italeri will be making a Tournament Practice set, although that probably wont have any new figures. Also Imex have several sets, but those could be 2007 or 2017!

Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

There will definitely be more than that in 2007! We know about at least two others.


old teaser

Someone got to humiliate himself, that will be me this time: oh please please please dear strelets; would you be so kind to tell us just a little bitty more, just a wink, just a hint.
oh please, do.
we love you anyway; you are the best
thanks on advance
with love
(hope this helps)

Re: Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

Dear Strelets-R

That is very good news indeed. I have some very interesting suggestions which I would like to present for you, can you please send your email adress to:

best regards

You may contact us via "Contact Us" button on homepage

Re: Re: Re: Medieval sets in 2007...

I can only hope that Valdemars suggestions include to release his personality figures as a Strelets plastic set.

For technological reasons it's not possible

Valdemar´s economical reasons too