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Re: problem solved: no more need for praetorians!

Strelets could make them in other poses. We still lack sets of Romans who are standing on Parade ground etc.

"The Civil War" by Julius Caesar

One only has to read "The Civil War" by Julius Caesar to get an idea for possible future sets by Strelets.

With the tradition of ongoing struggles within the forces of Rome, you could literally pick which time frame and rival leaders to choose from.

With a thousand years of history, the possibilities are definately endless.

Fighting in the east

Hi guys,

what would you think about a Palmyran army and a corps of Roman Dromedaries?

When I thought about Strelets Minisets I had more the later Imperial fighting guys in mind which are around 150-200 AD than the marching ones.

Most of the wars of this time were fought against the German tribes and in the east.

Of course earlier wars of Rome are still be very interesting. What about the sack of Rome 357 BC when we have Roman hoplites fighting the Celts or a civil war army with Caesar troops against the Augustians (which we can destroy in the Teutoburg forest).

But the main question was what enemies could be done to fight the new Miniset guys. So I have still the Jews and Germans in mind. Maybe another set of Parthians to have more poses beside HAT's excellent set?


Re: Fighting in the east

More Parthians would be nice, especially as I don't subscribe to your view that the HaT Parthians are "excellent" (No, I'm not In Dubio ). My absolutely personal assessment of HaT's Parthians (friendly version): (Golden)


Re: Re: Fighting in the east

There can never be enough Parthians and Sassanids on the market


Re: Your advise is required

The army of Mithridates, King of Pontus if the roman set would suit the time of around 88BC. the roman war against Pontus held hugh importance for the romans, as it carried their empire into asia. Pompeys roman army against Mithridates greek/asian army what more could one ask for?

Re: Re: Your advise is required

The only late-republican set proper for a fight with Mithridates is Italeri 1st century BC. Few poses, gladius scabbard on the right on one pose.
So many roman sets, and only one caesarian

Re: Re: Re: Your advise is required

Sorry, I wanted to say "gladius scabbard on the LEFT (and that is wrong) on one legionary pose"


My vote would be for the Parthians and Isrealites, as
quality sets of the Gauls and Germans have already been made. A civilian set like the medievil england set would be good and why not yet another set of gladiators.

Re: Your advise is required

Why not all of the suggestions so far, slowly but surely over the next few years produce all of Romes's enemies ancients like Napoleonics are always popular. Most collectors, wargamers, painters, love this era, and the figures I believe would be big sellers. I know that looking at the posts on this thread that I would buy most if not all of the figures suggested if they were to be produced.

Re: Your advise is required

Coming from colchester, a set showing Boudica and her army would be brilliant.