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Contact HaT, you wont be disappointed!


Happy 15th Birthday! I'm glad the younger generations are into this hobby too. That's great!

This happened to me as well, but true to what others said, contact HaT or the dealer you purchase this from and they'll solve the problem for you.

For contact, please refer to this page:

Or, post this problem to the HaT forum:

Re: Contact HaT, you wont be disappointed!

FYI, they sent me extra sprues

Re: Re: Contact HaT, you wont be disappointed!

thanks all...David Moore - thanks for your time. I knew the helmets might not be suitable, so I was thinking of the rest of the figs, and making a head-swap from other guys (nappy French, British, Austrians) that I could dig up.

Re: 1812

Hello Fresley:

Well, first off, The Bavarians fought the Young Guards at the Battle of Hanau, in October 1813, so you can at least get started re-fighting that battle with just a simple paint job.

For the War of 1812, I can not think of any U. S. regiment that had a tunic pattern like the Barvarian Infantry. So I think you are stuck there.

For the Young Guard, I think you might be able to use them as is for either a State Volunteer or Militia Regiment, of hand I can think of Plauche's Uniformed Militia (of New Orleans, Louisiana had copies of French Napoleonic Uniforms so it would not be hard to imagine where they copied the greatcoats from.

For the U.S. Regular Forces I am still debating on whether a British Stovepipe/Waterloo shako looks closer to the American shakos or a French Shako does.

Most British/Canadian Forces we had the "stovepipe" shako as seen on Hat's British Light Infantry.

Anyway, back to painting Scott's Brigade (9th, 11th, 25th US Infantry Regiments, summer 1814)