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17th C. Cossacks, Poles, Turks, Russians

I am trying to build a Zaporozhian Cossack army from the mid 17th century, preferably centered around the rebellion in 1648 and the many wars that followed.

I bought the Orion Cossacks Infantry and Artillery set, but the cost is so expensive having to get it from Kamrat since I live in the USA. I also bought some 20mm foot and mounted cossacks and I, unfortunately, bought that older cossack artillery set that had stolen moulds.

I would like to know if anyone has any advice on where I can get more cossacks for this timeline and enemies for them to fight?

I would like to have plenty of infantry, mounted cossacks with uniforms to represent registered cossacks, mounted cossacks to represent the irregulars, and (if possible) cossack war wagons.

I am fairly open to modification, so any advice on what sets and techniques I can use to invent such cossacks is good too. Metal figures are OK as well as long as they look alright beside plastic 1/72 figures.

Does anyone know if the Orion Janyssaries and the Zvezda Steltsi look alright? How are the Strelets Swedish and Peter the Great's army figures?

Re: 17th C. Cossacks, Poles, Turks, Russians

I have the Orion Janissaries and the Zvedza Stetlets, they are both excellent. I was surprised that you have not mentioned the Orion Polish Winged Hussars that are another good set. Also don't forget that the Poles had many foreign mercenaries so that the Revell Thirty Years War and A Call To Arms English Civil War figures should not be overlooked. As for cossack cavalry at present I use the Hat Napoleonic cossacks.

Hopefully, Orion will get around to releasing some Turkish Cavalry and Stretlets also had Early Russian Infantry in their future releases.

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Re: Re: 17th C. Cossacks, Poles, Turks, Russians

Yeah, I have the Orion Winged Hussars, it's just unfortuneate that it oly includes two lances. Anyone have a good way to make such lances?

Re: Re: Re: 17th C. Cossacks, Poles, Turks, Russians

Have you seen the Zvezda list for 2007? More Polish winged hussars and other stuff for this period.

I made the lances of wire. It is much better than most of the plastic lances we have in the sets.