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Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

you hit the nail on the head. I'd buy ALL THOSE SETS!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

I would like sets to do with the War of the Spanish Succession/Campaigns of Marlborough. Cavalry, artillery and infantry from all sides, pref in new mini format

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

The first that come to mind:

1.F&IW - British Inf. (Line, Grenadiers, Black Watch)
2.F&IW - French Inf. (Line, Marines,..)
3.F&IW - Rangers, Frontiersman, Coureurs de bois,...
4.F&IW - Hurons, Shawnee, Mohawk,...
5.Jacobite Rebellion - Jacobite Forces
6.Jacobite Rebellion - Government Forces
7.Franco-Prussian War - Prussian Inf.,Art.,Cav...
8.Franco-Prussian War - French Inf.,Art.,Cav...
9.Russian Civil War - Red Army
10.Russian Civil War - White Army

Well, so I already reached the number 10...

But then there are so many more I would like to mention, like :

- Boxer Rebellion Allied Troops
- Mexican Revolution (so many regulars and irregulars involved)
- Early WWI (Germans in Pickelhaubs, British wearing cap, Highlanders in Glengarries).

Alex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

French and Indian War ! You too are dreaming like me !

Strelets , do these and the requests from David and rest assure, I will buying multiple set !

And please hurry as I am 56 years old !


David !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

We dream the same dreams !

Re: OMG !


I have high-hopes that the S*R Team does the Alamo/Mexican American War themes - especially because there was so much European influence on the Mexican armies, Napoleonic style uniforms and tactics, that I think all collectors would enjoy having these.

Fingers crossed! :-)

Re: Re: OMG !

God Bless Texas !

Re: Which 10 do you want from STRELETS this year - Continued (on & on)

Things get serious here, with everyone pulling out his wishlist to Strelets. With all the many votes already in the ballots, I am afraid my interests will lose, if I don't act now. So here is the vote for my party:
1. dismounted soldiers for all the WWI cavalry sets
2. mounted napoleonic general staffs, similar to the french one (hard to find, probably very limited edition - Donald, did you get them?)
3. napoleonic army camps (similar to the OOP french)
4. WWI hospitals
5. WWI german jagers, and early MG troops
6. ancient personalities & commanders

I'll stop here.
Now that I've voted for my party, I'll go party!!