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Re: Which 10 do you want from STRELETS this year - Continued ...

All era civillians and 30YW sets btw was it right yhat i bought revell swedes and imperial artillery ???

Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

There are many sets that would be nice, but if you are looking for some consensus, here are the sets that have been asked for by more than one person (two or more).

There is already a full plate here.

In Ancients:
A Persian Royal chariot with Darius,

Hannibal and staff, perhaps some ancient Carthagian Civilians
Hannibals Veterans (Punic wars)

Germanic leaders - can be a mixed set with various famous kings, e.g. Theodorich for Ostrogoths, Alaric for Visigoths etc. and court
Germanic Warriors (Miniset)

Medieval civilians

Many, many for Seven Years War/French & Indian War
SYW commanders
7YW firing lines(British and French)
Skirmishing Indian warriors for French-Indian wars (Mohawks, Iroquois, Huron)

Alamo Texicans / Texans for the Alamo

Two of your futures are requested several times:
Crimean War Turkish Infantry
Crimean War French Cavalry

American Civil War
A second mounted Confederate command set to make up for the foot set
ACW dismounted cavalry in skirmish line, Both Yankee and Confederate (several requests)
ACW New York Highlanders(Kilted)

Mexican Adventure a couple times:
Camerone 1863 French Foreign Legion.
Camerone/Mexican Adventure Mexican Cavalry and Infantry

Several for Franco Prussian war range
French Commanders, Staff, Hospital for the Franco-Prussian War 1870/71.
Commanders and Staff (low ranks as well) for the Prussians, Bavarians, Württembergers, and other German states for the Franco-Prussian War 1870/71.
1870/71 French and "German" infantry, artillery

Russian Civil War troops of various persuasions.
Russian Civil War - bolshevik infantry in the shlem

Any on this list that is popular with everyone? Keep voting! It would be easier for Strelets to pick from a small list that many people want, instead of EVERY army in the history of time.

Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

SYW Infantry (Austrian and Prussian) in mini sets: musketeers, fusiliers, and grenadiers.
SYW artillary
SYW Cavalry
SYW personalities in the regular Strelets format.

Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

7YW, 5 infantry (grenadiers, musketeers, fusiliers, highlanders, command), 3 cavalry (curiassiers, dragoons, hussars), 1 artillery, Jacobites.
A good start would be fairly generic troops that could be used for different nations.

Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

you hit the nail on the head. I'd buy ALL THOSE SETS!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

I would like sets to do with the War of the Spanish Succession/Campaigns of Marlborough. Cavalry, artillery and infantry from all sides, pref in new mini format

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Which 10 from STRELETS - the most requested so far

The first that come to mind:

1.F&IW - British Inf. (Line, Grenadiers, Black Watch)
2.F&IW - French Inf. (Line, Marines,..)
3.F&IW - Rangers, Frontiersman, Coureurs de bois,...
4.F&IW - Hurons, Shawnee, Mohawk,...
5.Jacobite Rebellion - Jacobite Forces
6.Jacobite Rebellion - Government Forces
7.Franco-Prussian War - Prussian Inf.,Art.,Cav...
8.Franco-Prussian War - French Inf.,Art.,Cav...
9.Russian Civil War - Red Army
10.Russian Civil War - White Army

Well, so I already reached the number 10...

But then there are so many more I would like to mention, like :

- Boxer Rebellion Allied Troops
- Mexican Revolution (so many regulars and irregulars involved)
- Early WWI (Germans in Pickelhaubs, British wearing cap, Highlanders in Glengarries).

Alex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

French and Indian War ! You too are dreaming like me !

Strelets , do these and the requests from David and rest assure, I will buying multiple set !

And please hurry as I am 56 years old !


David !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

We dream the same dreams !

Re: OMG !


I have high-hopes that the S*R Team does the Alamo/Mexican American War themes - especially because there was so much European influence on the Mexican armies, Napoleonic style uniforms and tactics, that I think all collectors would enjoy having these.

Fingers crossed! :-)

Re: Re: OMG !

God Bless Texas !

Re: Which 10 do you want from STRELETS this year - Continued (on & on)

Things get serious here, with everyone pulling out his wishlist to Strelets. With all the many votes already in the ballots, I am afraid my interests will lose, if I don't act now. So here is the vote for my party:
1. dismounted soldiers for all the WWI cavalry sets
2. mounted napoleonic general staffs, similar to the french one (hard to find, probably very limited edition - Donald, did you get them?)
3. napoleonic army camps (similar to the OOP french)
4. WWI hospitals
5. WWI german jagers, and early MG troops
6. ancient personalities & commanders

I'll stop here.
Now that I've voted for my party, I'll go party!!