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to strelets: mini sets

I really like the new concept. Will you use it on later periods(would be ideal for massed battalions) and will you make artillery and cavalry mini sets?

Re: to strelets: mini sets

Hi Strelets.
Will you produce Napoleonics or even later periods (yours WWI are simply beautyfull!) on the "mini range"? is very good for great units and many other things.Congratullations,by the way.
An admirer.

Re: Re: to strelets: mini sets

The mini sets are very welcome, especially for those who produce larger armies in formation. Are there any plans for Napoleonic mini-sets, or for the period of Marlborough?

Re: Re: Re: to strelets: mini sets

We are planning to use Mini format for infantry of any period, not only medieval or ancients.
Cavalry and artillery will be made in our usual format.


Re: Minis - and suggested MAXI PACK

I have always regarded so far all manufacturers artillery and cavalry sets as "mini" sets.

12 Horses and men isnt enough for a visual unit. two-four guns and crews and a more often 1 limber isnt enough for visual effect.

I hope Strelets do a Maxi pack of 4 guns crews ,mounted and dismounted of six and horse team and limbers and caissons.

Cavalry I like Hats concept with loads of Infantry in a box (100).Many metal manufacturers do blister/bulk packs for infantry artillery and Cavalry. I'd like to see 60 in a pack.

Re: Re: Minis - and suggested MAXI PACK

Hank's idea of a maxi set, especially for artillery, makes good sense. As he states the support needed for each gun have never been properly represented.

Re: to strelets: mini sets

Just a thought, I could definatly see the mini format being used to make the massed Austrian battalions of the war of 1866, the Waterloo set is inadequate