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woman and children figures ! you are all train spotters

Last thing woman and children did right up into the mid 20th century a was hang around to become the spoils of war.

Re: woman and children figures ! you are all train spotters

HaT has some nice bare-breasted Indian Female warriors in the pipeline.

As regards typical armies, a reasonable figure might be one "soldier's woman" per 1,000 men.

namby pamby civillians -go away and play with dolls

if you want civillians then go join the girls and play with their dolls.

Only civillian figures pre-1914 near a battlefield were most likely looters and grave robbers

Re: namby pamby civillians

I don't know-there were several stories about generals bringing their wives/mistresses with them on campaign. Civilian spectators were not unknown near battles. Women pf lower classes regularly accompanied troops, and were known to assist in removing troops from the field. Female residents were quite often caught in the field and became casualties. Finally don't forget those like Molly Pitcher or Ms. Mott who were reputed to have participated in battle. Sure we are talking about fractions of one percent, but then were present.

As for male civilians, they were regularly employed by armies and their presence at many pre-modern battlefields has been attested to. For example the "small folk" at Bannockburn.

Re: Re: namby pamby civillians

During the Crimean war, one Turkish General or Pascha is said to have brought his entire Harem along. I'm not holding my breath for a complete Strelets set on this topic though.

Re: namby pamby civillians -go away and play with dolls

Except for one=a French woman found dead at Waterloo in the gear of a cuirassier, who had killed fourteen British and Prussian soldiers before herself dying, defending her mortally wounded lover. I do believe that was in the Napoleonic Sourcebook, if I remember correctly.



thats very romantic but so sad

I dont dispute the bravenes of women but the immense effect on morale of males who feel responsible for protecting females in battle takes a major dive.

A woman/loved one at a distance gives one hope and helps keeps a soldier going when times are tough.To see a woman fall under fire collapses that hope and seemingly brings death/danger closer.

Israeli Defense forces would lose a whole troop out of action/effectiveness due to concern for 1 female casualty in contrast to 1 or two if it was a male casualty.

Now mothers-in-law is a difefrent case chuckle...

Re: Woman Warriors & Possible/Recommended Sets

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that women and children should be included in the regular Strelets*R Boxes of 48 figures. There are far too many situations that need to be represented. But, but, but, various eras (Campaigns) could be combined. Here are some suggested sets:

* Talking about, Women, Children, Camp-Followers, Civilians, Villagers, a couple of animals ...
* 1 box could be painted up or converted or used for various eras, ie Pioneers, Wild West, ACW ...
* Combine eras or even centuries for one box.

Strelets*R Boxes:
* Ancients in daily life and camp followers.
* Dark Ages & Medieval Villagers and Camp Followers
* Great Northern War, Napoleonic and Crimean War Civilians and Camp Followers etc ...
* Pioneers, Wild West, American Civil War & Colonial Women and Children fighting off Indians in a Wagon Circle or Lagaar, defending the Cavalry Fort, defending their cabins/homes, tending to wounded, reloading rifles, preparing camp meals, etc ...
* World War I & II Civilians evacuating villages, towns, tending to wounded, daily life civilians.

I just feel that there are too many situations that should be represented, and the Mini sets of 12 poses only are far too few. But combining eras or centuries would be a higher use of moulds.

Happy Dreaming!

Re: Re: Woman Warriors & Possible/Recommended Sets

As stated at Waterloo there were civilians present during the battle, including the Duke of Ricmond and his son. There were certainly civilian looters present after the battle as well as tourists who came to view the field the next day. However, I think the best civilian set would be camp followers, very useful for portraying an army on the move, including wives, women of ill repute, tradesmen, traders and others.