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Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Great set by Strelets and I almost bought it, problem is the colour. The set would have be even better if it had been molded in blue to match the actual Swedish colours. Makes as much sense as Imex molding their Alamo Mexican Infantry in Red, makes them look like cheap "Giant" figures.

Unlike some people I no longer paint my soldiers as I eventually ran out of room (30,000 and counting). Any chance of Strelets redoing the Swedish Infantry in blue?

Cheval 52

Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Hallo Patrick,
if you don`t like to paint them why don`t just "spray" them?
Fast and easy - all you need is a can of the desired colour!
The "wrong" plastic-colour could never stop me from buying any attractives sets, especially not such great ones like Zvesda delivers.
Hope that suggestion works for you!

Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Figure colour is important

Back in 1983, my original intention for buying 172nd scale figures was to design a boardgame. Needless to say, 25,000 figures later, I was hooked and the game design idea was shelved.

With the release of the new version of "Conquest of the Empire" boardgame, I have started to rethink about my boardgame design.

Cheval 52

Re: Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Hi Patrick,
do you have a link to 'conquest of the Empire'? Does it have 1/72 figures in it?

I tried in vain to get some of the Eagles games figures, only to learn that the company has entered Nirvana. So this time, if there is a new manufacturer, I want to get it right.

Also, good idea to spray paint figures. I have all those grey, brown and yellow French Napoleonics, that I'd really like to see in blue. Question is, do I spray once with a color spray or do I have to cover with a clear coat?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

The new version is ten times better looking than the older one. Unfortunately the figures are about 28mm but are much better sculpted in a softer non brittle plastic. Overall, it is a very beautiful game and worth every penny.

The figures looked so good that I actually bought them through Eagle games even before I purchased the game. Here's the link complete with details & photos:


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Further information

I purchased the game through

Cheval 52

Re: Re: Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

well, I think that`s up to you and a question of "taste"!
Depends on which style/lock you like your figures best.
You could prime them first (before using the paint) or simply just give them a single (or more) coating(s) with the colour you want.
Of course you could also use a clear coat spray to finish/protect ... .
Try and find out!
I think it must be the most cheap, easy and quick way to adjust the original-manufacterers-plastic-colour to any colour you folks think is the "correct" one!
Forgive me, but I was always wondering about these right/wrong color postings, now I know it is sometimes relevant for gaming or to have standard colours for different nations in a special conflict.
As I paint my figures, I never thought about "correct" plastic-colours... .
And BTW it would be kind of frustrating for me, if I couldn't use just one good set from Strelets/Zvesda/Pegasus/Caesar/whoever just because I would`t like the original plastic-colour.
Anyway I hope it`ll work and that you'll produce some satisfying results soon!
Let me/us know!

Have retired from painting figures

Like I stated earlier, I literally ran out of room after painting some many figures over the years. Not to brag but my painting was a lot better than some of the figures displayed at Hat Industries website.

I even shared a few known secrets about using the same paints as the Hollywood cartoonists, paints that are so fine that you only need about one coat on the average figure. The paints were sold by a company in California called Cartoon Colors.

Cheval 52

Re: Have retired from painting figures

Sorry to hear that you ran out of room for your figure collection Patrick.

How about getting rid of the old stuff and starting all over again? The new figures are nicer than the old ones anyway and have plastic that actually bends and keeps the paint.

I'd pay you 10 cent a figure with free pickup within 100 miles from Spokane for your collection. Let me know if you're interested.

Re: Re: Have retired from painting figures

My figures are worth a lot more than 10 cents a pop. If you want to pay 10 cents for a figure, go to a thrift store in Spokane and look for leftover Giant figures.

I pray you were kidding.....

10 cents a figure ???

I have been painting figures & statues for about 35 years now and actually perfected a way of painting plaster Greek Columns to look like authentic marble.

In 1988 I hand painted a 2 foot tall Carousel Horse for my former fiancee. The project involved puting on a dark coating first, painting the horse in a variey of carnival type colours, spraying on protective coating, then painting it with antiquing only to wipe it off. The antiquing fills in the crevices and gives it that old look. Lastly, I applied a special Cracking Varnish to give it that Antique Carousel Horse look complete with crackled paint.

Add to that my many hand painted 70mm soldiers that I gave away as gifts over the years. Each Napoleonic figure was thoroughly researched first through my extensive military library and any special attachments like musket straps & Shako cords were each made by hand.

10 cents indeed !!!

Re: 10 cents a figure ???

Hi Patrick,

I haven't seen any of your soldiers or Greek Columns yet. But I would love to see them. Why don't you post them for us?

I hope I didn't offend you, I just meant to help out with the space so you can continue collecting.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swedish Infantry of Charles XII

Thank Peter, I'll have to give it a shot.
Is there anything like a spray primer???