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Re: extra figs...

i'll buy the big box set to get the staff and casualties. so if i get two extra sets i already have, i can beef up companies and have conversion figures. the naval artillery set would be a good one for conversions. since i only had one set to begin with, i didn't want to alter my originals. i suppose it's 'set integrity'...keeping it intact somewhat. hat used to give out four officers in an infantry set, so you could always convert two and not really lose anything. i guess the 'big box' concept is pricey, but a good option for some people.

Re: Re: extra figs...

Hi Hank and Madpenman,

Oh yes, I'd love to see some 1870's Franco-Prussian War figurines. They wore all the stylish headgear between the Crimean thru WWI.

And I can't wait to add the latest S*R Crimean British Hussars and Russian Cavalry, just ordered them yesterday in the U.S. And still I have the Hospital set to look forward to.

Happy 2007 Collecting!

Russian General and Hospital set box art

Box art looks a bit drab, COMPARED WITH MASTERS WHICH LOOK GREAT. wonder if strelets will relent and sell it separate ?(cOMRADES ?)