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keep the boxes....

Interesting comments Dave.Keep the box that increases the value,plus if you get two , put one still sealed in a time capsule soemwhere in your attic with the selaphane wrapper on.Some airfix 1st edition boxes alone are worth 7 UKPounds($14).

Like what you are saying about the Crimean War. Also its time that we saw more Prussian War figures from 1860's and 1870's. Its these Prussian Wars that made Toy Soldiers pretty much found in every boys toy box in European hosueholds and hence began Wargaming Flats.

An exciting era in warfare that seems to be shelved with the last of both the dash and panache of colorful uniforms of post Napoleonic eras(Both Nap I and Nap III) and also the arrival of sic machines/mechanization in warfare.Steam tractors/traction engines and millitreuses.
Have fun on the run......

Re: extra figs...

i'll buy the big box set to get the staff and casualties. so if i get two extra sets i already have, i can beef up companies and have conversion figures. the naval artillery set would be a good one for conversions. since i only had one set to begin with, i didn't want to alter my originals. i suppose it's 'set integrity'...keeping it intact somewhat. hat used to give out four officers in an infantry set, so you could always convert two and not really lose anything. i guess the 'big box' concept is pricey, but a good option for some people.

Re: Re: extra figs...

Hi Hank and Madpenman,

Oh yes, I'd love to see some 1870's Franco-Prussian War figurines. They wore all the stylish headgear between the Crimean thru WWI.

And I can't wait to add the latest S*R Crimean British Hussars and Russian Cavalry, just ordered them yesterday in the U.S. And still I have the Hospital set to look forward to.

Happy 2007 Collecting!

Russian General and Hospital set box art

Box art looks a bit drab, COMPARED WITH MASTERS WHICH LOOK GREAT. wonder if strelets will relent and sell it separate ?(cOMRADES ?)