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Great looking Normans

I was so impressed by the newest Strelets Norman, Saxon, & Viking figures that I just ordered all four released sets. I love the look of the new mini's.

Cheval 52

Re: Great looking Normans

I agree. I have been checking daily since they were released. They were finally available on Friday and I snatched up 2 of each. Hopefully, they arrive early this week.

I expect the set of Norman archers will be my favorite as it is always difficult to get many of that troop type, except for the Mini-Art Burgundian set which had a good number.

Re: Great looking Normans

The Normans do indeed look superb, but unfortunately I don't collect that period. Any chance of a set of archers suitable for Crecy/Agincourt/the Scots Wars? Archers formed a high proportion of English armies for these wars, allegedly 80% of the Agincourt army, and it is necessary to buy a lot of boxes from Revell/Italeri/Strelets with many surplus infantry/cavalry to get enough archers.

Re: Re: Great looking Normans

He Michael,
quite a lot of the Norman archers can be used for latter periods. They do well as scots, Wehlsmen (for the borderwars) and anything European until the late 13th century. But indeed, there's nothing wrong with a decent set of english archers for Agincourt. Crossbowmen are also a great onmission.