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Re: An excellent idea

I've long thought that would be a good idea! As
it is, efforts such as those by IMEX to mix both dis-
mounted cavalry and mounted men has simply resulted
in limiting the poses of both. Making seperate sets of
mounted and dismounted cavalry makes sense to me.

Re: Re: An excellent idea

Yes, I third that suggestion. Good idea!

Re: Dismounted ACW cavalry

Ian Bruce's recommendation for one set for both sides would be good economical sense.

One mould for both sides. Britians Swoppets were simple, and produced in Blue and Gray colors. I like the recommendation for the mixture of hats, kepis, bummers, and stetsons.

I'd like a few kneeling and firing carbines, a few standing and firing carbines, a couple firing Navy Colt pistols, and a horse holder and officer with Navy Colt pistol.

Of course, Arlins links look great too; in the field both sides had unique looks.

Great idea!

Re: Dismounted ACW cavalry

You'd also need some southerners with shotguns, commonly used throughout the war, and possibly some federals with Spencer repeaters.

Re: Re: Dismounted ACW cavalry

I'm still lobbying for late & early ACW Union Iron Brigade! also a good idea for a mini set(2)!

Yes, great idea!

Re: Yes, great idea!

Great pics, Arlin. Just what I had in mind, although with a few more firing figures.

Re: Re: Yes, great idea!

Not a bad suggestion in this thread !