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mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

I really hope these mini sets take off and are the wave of the future for sets like staff, hospitals, courts, etc.

I'm very disappointed that the only way I could get the Crimean Russian Hospital is to pay $30 for an oversize set with sets I already have included.

I never bought the Medievel England for the same reason. In fact it is the whole reason I stopped buying Medievels and sold them all off, I knew I would never have everything available, and I just can't spend that kind of money of these figures. For me me, if I have to choose between spending money on an era I care little for or saving it for eras I want, then I'll stop buying the sets I could really care little for.

Originally, I was going to just buy everything. The medeivel set only resulted in the loss of a sale. And unfortunately, the Hospital set has lost my sale for the same reason. I hope this doesn't continue, because I really want to buy some of these sets, but I won't be forced to pay $30+ dollars for a set containing stuff I already have, just to get a couple sprues of new figures.

So, I hope the mini sets take off well. I would hate to be excluded from getting some nice sets. I hope a happy medium results so that you can still make exotic/less profitable sets that will still turn a profit for you. I just can't put out that kind of money. I would pay more for an exotic set, but including the already available sets, and the bigger box, etc. just drives the price up. Instead of that approach, just make the mini set, in a small box, and charge a little more.

That formula could work for sets, like staff, or casualties, or whatever, that you know people will only buy one or two sets. Instead of $10 a box, for example, I'd pay $15 just to offset the cost of an obscure set that wouldn't sell in volume.

I wouldn't do that for all mini sets, but the ones I know you could lose money on, I would. But this route is too much right now, and wasteful, since I already have all I want of the other sets.

Just a suggestion. I hope you think about it.

Re: mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

From your wording I assume you have bought the set so are you able to tell us what the other component sets are as I seem to be unable to find out anywhere.

Re: Re: mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

no, I didn't buy it, it is now listed on Hannants.

This is hilarious

Oh dear Strelets, great figures but what a confusing way to market your products.
You surely dont need Hannants* now with your reputation worldwide.

Budget With marketing through your website alone,AND TARGET TOP WARGAME MAGAZINES with adverts (Wargames Illustrated,The Courier , Miniature Wargames and US Civil War magazine "Blue and the Grey" etc ) send the editors a sample box for their review columns etc.Then sit back...

Use Ebay(with a paypal account that converts $ to most currencies) and such, you could improve your customer relations to perfection.

Cut out these middle men(Imperial capitalists) and deal direct and get the full benefit from your product.

Re: This is hilarious

Dear Hank,

and now imagine that you have a full-time job elsewhere that is very demanding. Will you have time to sell box by box?
The well-being of this hobby very much depend on the well-being of the shops like Hannants and alike. They deliver our products to the remote corners of the world, obviously getting their profit, leaving us time to concentrate on manufacturing on the new sets. You can't too much rely on internet-based shops since they target only those buyers that already have interest in figures, whereas real shops may spread this hobby among people that aren't involved in it yet.


Re: Re: mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

Hi - Hannants lists the other sets as 32 and 39 - Grenadiers and Naval artillery


Re: Re: Re: mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

The numbers on the box also suggest a cavalry set. Obviously we must wait some more.

Re: mini sets vs. Crimean Russian Hospital

Yeah I was going to buy it, but if they bundle with other sets I don't want, I'm not buying. Bad strategy.

I'm still planning on buying two sets ....

Re: I'm still planning on buying two sets ....

I'll still be getting one, if you don't want the extra figures there is always eBay!?!

Re: Re: I'm still planning on buying two sets ....

A valid point DW. I almost always buy more than what I'll need for myself. Eventually, all these will become out of circulation. In my case, when I retire in 15 to 20 years, I'll have enough free time and enough rare figurines to make it worth setting up an eBay account and selling off the extras.

My plan is that by selling at rarer prices, like the old Atlantic sets, I can pretty much recover my original investment. My hobby will in effect pay for itself. Anyway ...

Happy Collecting Now!

Re: Re: Re: I'm still planning on buying two sets ....

Hi Dave,

that's a nice strategy. Any suggestions which sets to add to the portfolio to get a nice financial reward during retirement age???

I guess it paid off for everyone who bought Atlantic's Trojans, Colloseum, Greek and Egyptian ships, Giant's figures etc in the 70s/80s - with some $50 return or more for every $ spent.

Re: Re: Re: Re: I'm still planning on buying two sets ....

Dear Jan,

My wife is listening as I read the interesting comments. She's laughing right now because she said, "Sounds just like you with eBay!" But, my predictions ...

1. Crimean Range will be an absolute Classic Must Have as most plastic producers still refuse to target everyone. Most are Wargamers only. S*R attracts everyone with it's action poses as well as wargamer, marching, firing, etc.

2. You said ... "I guess it paid off for everyone who bought Atlantic's Trojans, Colloseum, Greek and Egyptian ships, Giant's figures etc in the 70s/80s - with some $50 return or more for every $ spent."

Response: Ha, ha !!! Me too. I have made some others somewhat wealthy in a small way. But truthfully, I'm still grateful to have especially the Atlantics. This will be "Our Revenge!"

I can really only say, "Happy Collecting Now :-)" ...

... and I know this prediction is 100% accurate. Thank you Jan for confirming I'm not alone in buying older stuff for the pure enjoyment of it, and not the monetary gain.

keep the boxes....

Interesting comments Dave.Keep the box that increases the value,plus if you get two , put one still sealed in a time capsule soemwhere in your attic with the selaphane wrapper on.Some airfix 1st edition boxes alone are worth 7 UKPounds($14).

Like what you are saying about the Crimean War. Also its time that we saw more Prussian War figures from 1860's and 1870's. Its these Prussian Wars that made Toy Soldiers pretty much found in every boys toy box in European hosueholds and hence began Wargaming Flats.

An exciting era in warfare that seems to be shelved with the last of both the dash and panache of colorful uniforms of post Napoleonic eras(Both Nap I and Nap III) and also the arrival of sic machines/mechanization in warfare.Steam tractors/traction engines and millitreuses.
Have fun on the run......

Re: extra figs...

i'll buy the big box set to get the staff and casualties. so if i get two extra sets i already have, i can beef up companies and have conversion figures. the naval artillery set would be a good one for conversions. since i only had one set to begin with, i didn't want to alter my originals. i suppose it's 'set integrity'...keeping it intact somewhat. hat used to give out four officers in an infantry set, so you could always convert two and not really lose anything. i guess the 'big box' concept is pricey, but a good option for some people.

Re: Re: extra figs...

Hi Hank and Madpenman,

Oh yes, I'd love to see some 1870's Franco-Prussian War figurines. They wore all the stylish headgear between the Crimean thru WWI.

And I can't wait to add the latest S*R Crimean British Hussars and Russian Cavalry, just ordered them yesterday in the U.S. And still I have the Hospital set to look forward to.

Happy 2007 Collecting!

Russian General and Hospital set box art

Box art looks a bit drab, COMPARED WITH MASTERS WHICH LOOK GREAT. wonder if strelets will relent and sell it separate ?(cOMRADES ?)