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Re: Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery ( Mini Set )

Yes Gregory Great thinking. That seems to be a "right on" idea. Crimean Allied Artillery Mini sets, Turks, French, Sardinian(used same guns) have a gun/limber box and then sets of gunners. Mounted dismounted and casualties ?

I really the the idea........

of Turkish, French and Piemontese artillery. The mini sets have a format of roughly 12 poses. You make one French cannon, 6 poses (two wheels, gun barrel, cannon trail, a bucket or powder keg) for one sprue. That sprue could be used for all three sets. Each sprue for the artillery men could have 6 poses. And yes, they would be useful for many more conflicts! I really hope Strelets considers this!

Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Dont worry Rene, thats what they said about Airfix ACW sets when they first came out.

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

French and Piemontese artillery could be very useful for 1859 too. British artillery in Greatcoat for Inkerman or siege artillery or ordinary foot artillery with shako?


Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Imagine a car mark which does not make a type of model(coupe,break) because the others do it.
It is surealist!!!
René Dave.

Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Good day all.
I could be mistake but didnt the British also use Naval Guns at Balaclava, manned by Turks. To finish this conflict off this is surely a must for SR.

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Naval guns and Sailors!