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Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Dear Rene,

it's unlikely that we will make such sets in 2007. If you remember, ESCI and Emhar have released Russian artillery sets and we don't think that there is demand for more.
French and British artillery can be considered at some later stage.

Best regards,


Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery ( Mini Set )

Now here is a perfect example of the Mini Set. You could make the additional figures needed to man the Guns of the two sets currently made.

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery ( Mini Set )

Yes Gregory Great thinking. That seems to be a "right on" idea. Crimean Allied Artillery Mini sets, Turks, French, Sardinian(used same guns) have a gun/limber box and then sets of gunners. Mounted dismounted and casualties ?

I really the the idea........

of Turkish, French and Piemontese artillery. The mini sets have a format of roughly 12 poses. You make one French cannon, 6 poses (two wheels, gun barrel, cannon trail, a bucket or powder keg) for one sprue. That sprue could be used for all three sets. Each sprue for the artillery men could have 6 poses. And yes, they would be useful for many more conflicts! I really hope Strelets considers this!

Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Dont worry Rene, thats what they said about Airfix ACW sets when they first came out.

Re: Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

French and Piemontese artillery could be very useful for 1859 too. British artillery in Greatcoat for Inkerman or siege artillery or ordinary foot artillery with shako?


Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Imagine a car mark which does not make a type of model(coupe,break) because the others do it.
It is surealist!!!
René Dave.

Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Good day all.
I could be mistake but didnt the British also use Naval Guns at Balaclava, manned by Turks. To finish this conflict off this is surely a must for SR.

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: To Strelets crimean artillery

Naval guns and Sailors!