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Re: new year suggestions

Hi Darren,

very good ideas, sounds like a part from my wishlist. HAT is working on the Grenzers, so we can wait for it.

British infantry is not my favourite, in my eyes we have enough on the market.

As for you million years suggestion - I will send some nice photos to Strelets


Re: Re: Suggestions !!! :-)

Happy New Year to Strelets and Forumni
I agree with Dave and Arlin
However I would like to see coverage of the Sudan Wars.
I am eager to see Strelets versions of camels.

STRELETS - Seige of Kars

Hey Strelets it would be really good to see the long (so very long)awaited and production displaced Turkish Infantry Crimean other promised sets.
Have you at least a master figure we could
view ?

Re: STRELETS - Seige of Kars


I agree ... now that I almost have my Russian staff officers, winning the Crimea just isn't enough. And let's not forget the large numbers of British senior officers that served with the Ottoman forces.

As regards the Ottoman forces, you can include all sorts of tribals and lead into the Bulgarian Wars of Independance, which Russia can proudly claim to have supported.

Have a great day ... Frank

Re: Re: STRELETS - Nap. Polish Grenadiers

I do not ask much. Strelets-R opened for all of us doors we did not even dream of once to be 2,5 cm plastic soldiers.

The thing is we once got Napoleonic Polish Grenadiers together with the French foot dragoons. I would like to see a mini box of those Polish Grenadiers.

Re: Re: STRELETS - Seige of Kars

On the same wavelength there Frank.

General WF Williams despatches make quite good reading on the Seige(1855).It highlights Alot of importance was placed on despatch riders delivering the genrals messages.

Re: Re: Re: STRELETS - Seige of Kars


Yep, picked up the Official dispatches for Kars, Ladysmith and (55 days in)Peking at a discount bookstore. Lots of great ideas for both history and alternative histories ... dispatch a force based on a scant letter written a couple of weeks ago ... what is waiting for them?

Have a great day ... Frank

PS I don't mind civilians, even females pushing prams.