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Re: Re: roman legionary at battle

As Pol already mentioned, the main problem here is with the helmets. Auxiliaries had simple Coolus helmets, similar to the Imperial gallic or itallic legionary helmet. However, the auxiliary helmet was of bronze and the legionary one from iron. Set 008 has auxiliaries with breeches and short tunic, with mail armor. Mail armor is fine for whatever legionary, especially those in the East, but the rest of the clothing is less. For late 1st century AD, to late 2nd century AD, we have now many sets - ESCI/Italeri, and lots of Flavian era HAT, which historicly mix well.
The Strelets swords and scabbards are a nuissance, but the swords in the HAT cavalry sets can be used for these figures, providing the cavalrymen with longer spears.