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Re: wuch is best ???

Normally I would buy all of the sets for a subject I like, but since you asked

Vikings: Orion (I like the Strelets set)
Saxons:Revell (Strelets is my favorite)
Conquistadors:If the scale is compatable, both
Streletes Artilery
ACTA British Infantry 1775
Italeri French Infantry
Zvezda Imperial Guard
ESCI Union Infantry or Italeri Union Infantry
Same for the south
Atlantic Egyptian Infantry and Cavalry (reissued by Nexuss Games)

Re: Which is best ???

I think that most collectors would buy both every time. If you can get hold of them and they are compatible in size then mixing various manufacturers generally gives a much better representation. Look at the Plasticsoldierreview web site and you can see the figures and decide for yourself.

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