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Re: wuch is best ???

Landsknechts (Sword/Arquebus)- The pikes and arms were way to hard for me to put together. But really, you should have both becuase they are different parts of the whole army.

Orion - Vikings - they are just nicer (nostalgic reasons, they have more 'flavor') and more in 1/72. but the EMHAR may be more accurate and the plastic is glueable. So it depends on how important accuracy is to you.

Revell - Normans - it's hard to beat those Revell Normans. You just need several boxes and some different horses to make cavalry.

Revell - Anglo-Saxons - almost the same answer as the Vikings, but the EMHAR is a little big, and the Revell just look good, but I can't comment on accuracy.

Italeri - The Knights - more variety

Revell - Conquistadors or Caesar - Conquistadores - BOTH

Strelets*R - Swedish Infantry of Charles XII or Zvezda - Swedish Infantry - BOTH, I use em for Spanish Succession too, but you have to buy several Strelets to get a mass of common poses like marching and firing line, and they are hard to find.

Strelets*R - Artillery of Peter I - I don't think there is a Zvezda GNW artillery (unless you know something I don't know?)

Airfix - British Grenadiers or A Call To Arms - British Infantry 1775 - NEITHER (the ACTA is better, but real tiny, for Grenadiers especially)

HaT - 1808-1812 French Infantry - HANDS Down

Airfix - Waterloo French Imperial Guard - kind of depends what you want them for, the Zvezda is really nice, but the Airfix has more poses and there is a nostalgia factor in it for me.

Accurate - Union Infantry or IMEX - Union Infantry or Airfix - Union Infantry - BOTH, they are from the same sculptor and complement each other well, so you get tons of poses.

IMEX - Confederate Infantryor Accurate Confederate Infantry - Again, BOTH

Revell - German Armoured Infantry - more life-like poses, but a lot of flash

Caesar - Ancient Egyptian Warriors - the new one, with the shields and spears already on the figures, (I hate fiddly pieces), plus they are better poses, the other set falls over too easily.

Esci - French Cuirassiers or BUM Coraceros Españoles
-I think these are the same set, BUM is a copy, I think it may have a conversion, otherwise, go with the original, the ESCI (or now, Italeri)

Re: Re: wuch is best ???

Only you can decide, but for me the answers would be as follows:

DDS - Landsknechts (Sword/Arquebus) or DDS - Landsknechts (Pike): Neither unfortunately.

Revell - Normans or Strelets - Normans : Strelets, but the new Strelets Norman mini-packs look even better than their prior release.

Italeri - The Knights or Caesar - Medieval Knights (Crusaders): I prefer the Caeser mounted figures, but prefer the Italeri horses. Not a fan of the Italeri foot, so if forced to chose, would go for the Caeser set.

Revell - Conquistadors or Caesar - Conquistadores: Haven't seen the Caeser set, other than on net. I'd likely be happy with either one.

Strelets*R - Swedish Infantry of Charles XII or Zvezda - Swedish Infantry: Depends on what I am going to do with them. Zvezda set appears to be a slightly later uniform style than Strelets set. Biggest weakness in Strelets set is lack of pikes. Zvezda set has only one, but this is less a factor because by the later stages of the GNW use of pikes by the Swedes was dropping off.

Strelets*R - Artillery of Peter I or Zvezda GNW artillery: Haven't seen Zvezda set yet.

Airfix - British Grenadiers or A Call To Arms - British Infantry 1775: Neither. I think both sets stink. Actually I think the only decent AWI set is the Italeri Indians. The Accurate British set does have a few good figures, and a few more can be salvaged from the Accurate American militia. The Airfix set does win my vote for best fantasy box front picture. If anyone can tell me what event the illustrator was trying to depict, I would be grateful.

Italeri - French Infantry 6066 or Zvezda - French Elite Infantry or HaT - 1808-1812 French Infantry: HaT set

Zvezda - French Imperial Old Guards or Airfix - Waterloo French Imperial Guard: Zvezda. Not even close.

Accurate - Union Infantry or IMEX - Union Infantry or Airfix - Union Infantry: I actually prefer the Italeri ACW Union infantry. Not a fan of either the Accurate or IMEX versions.

IMEX - Confederate Infantry or Accurate Confederate Infantry: Again I prefer the Italeri version. However my three favorite ACW Confederate figures are the two shooting and one loading figure from the IMEX set.

Re: wuch is best ???

Normally I would buy all of the sets for a subject I like, but since you asked

Vikings: Orion (I like the Strelets set)
Saxons:Revell (Strelets is my favorite)
Conquistadors:If the scale is compatable, both
Streletes Artilery
ACTA British Infantry 1775
Italeri French Infantry
Zvezda Imperial Guard
ESCI Union Infantry or Italeri Union Infantry
Same for the south
Atlantic Egyptian Infantry and Cavalry (reissued by Nexuss Games)

Re: Which is best ???

I think that most collectors would buy both every time. If you can get hold of them and they are compatible in size then mixing various manufacturers generally gives a much better representation. Look at the Plasticsoldierreview web site and you can see the figures and decide for yourself.

Best regards,