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Why is it ... "It's A Wonderful Life" ... for you ... ?

Jimmy Stewart (George Baily) reminds people through the movies at Holiday Season, that ... "It's A Wonderful Life." So true ... ! Why for me ... ?

:-) The sound of children's laughter is tops.
:-) The sound of a kitten's purring is soothing.
:-) The sight of a puppy's tail wagging is exhillerating.
:-) When ever I hear a bell ringing, I still believe an Angel has earned it's wings!
:-) The sound of my neighbors music is ... not so bad !!!
:-) Especially, I love to jump out of bed, make strong, black Folger's coffee, and turn on PSR (Plastic Soldier Review), and it's still FREE (Thank you, thank you, thank you).
:-) I check out the latest news, and then scroll down to Strelets*R.
:-) Strelets, HaT, Imex, Pegasus, Ceasar, Airfix, RedBox, ... they all remind me every day is Christmas!
:-) And as George Baily learned, if you have friends, even on-line today, you are not poor!

This is my short-list.

Why is "It's A Wonderful Life" for you ... ?

Happy New Year Friends !!!

Re: Why is it ... "It's A Wonderful Life" ... for you ... ?

It's a wonderful life for me, because....
-I can recreate D-day omaha with those rangers(and other sets).
I always had that dream of such a set.
Dream became true.
-When I wake up and open my eye I see hundreds of french grenadiers/fusiliers marching one meter from me.
And I know there will be more in future.
-collecting medieval soldiers("knights")is not childish anymore(I thought that some years ago), but serious with all those wall of shields and artillery and siege sets.
That's also a shortlist.