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Origins of Prussian moustaches and powdered hair?

I have been looking around the net at historical forums and historical literature about the origins of the Prussian moustaches and powdered hair, but have ben unable to find any answer.
Was the Prussian army really the first to introduce greased hair with white powder, or is there any evidence of it's use civilian or military before King Fredrik I, eg in the French court or anywhere else?
Were the moustaches vaxed? Had prussians soldiers been clean shaven at an earlier date(late 17th/ early 18th century?
Or were the moustaches just a continuation of the 17th century moustache fashion? Is any Russian conection, after all Czar Peter the greats army was full of moustaches and he had used lots of German oficers, did it inspire them to take the fashion back to the German states? Or was there perhaps some idea of giving the normal musketeer som elite status by making him looking like a grenadieer?

I don't have an answer, but I have a question

Dear Sven,
As the subject of my comment tells it, I don't know. However, since you are scandinavian and obviously knowledged, I can't help myself but ask for help. Do you know what the rank distinctions for NCOs were in the swedish line infantry 1810 (or before)? I know the jagers had chevrons on upper sleeve (seen it on a plate), but the situation of the line is a mystery to me. I saw once a plate with a diagonal line on the lower sleeve, but I can't find that plate any more.

Best regards,


Re: I don't have an answer, but I have a question

I'm no expert at this period, but according to this page:

It says that according to the regulation of the m1802 uniform color sergants had 1 galoon in the hat.
According to the m1807 regulations ncos and musicisians should have a tricorn, the tricorn should have a silver galoon, a braid? and button.

thank you very much

Thanks a lot. I look for many months for these informations. This is my first contact with the site you sent me the link.
Hope you will find the answer to your question. I'll google myself for you - who knows, I might get lucky and provide you with an answer.

Best regards,


Re: Origins of Prussian moustaches and powdered hair?


Re: Re: Origins of Prussian moustaches and powdered hair?

He Sven,

In 1806 the Prussians only wore wigs or powdered hair on church parade. During the reign of Frederick the Great the moustaches were stiffened. White wigs came into fashion in the early 30ies of the 18th century.