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Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

At least that is what I think. If we are really lucky this will be normans, vikings or medieval infantry on march...

Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

This was also my guess. They do look closest to "Marius' mules", or later. If so, I will be very happy!

taking it back

I had a second look at the picture. Now I doubt it that they are romans. Those spears are not pila, and there is a diversity in shapes of shields and accoutrements, not matching the roman uniformity. Now I actually hope they are not roman, but later warriors.

Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

It looks like marching Romans to me too, and I must say a great choice for a set of poses long overdue. Marching Romans are a great subject for diorama builders, and even though I generally stick to the dark ages/medieval eras, I'd buy them for a diorama as soon as they are released.

Stretlets is really starting to impress me with its latest moves. The mini sets look great and the "shield wall" poses were long neglected in 1/72.

BTW, when are the Valdemar peasants expected to be released? (I ask this assuming that the thread author 'Valdemar' is affiliated with Valdemar Miniatures. If not, my bad.)

Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

Yes, these could definitely be marching Roman Legionaires or other spear-armed troops on the march/in a column.
Just had the feeling that an attacking Zulu-"Line" would perfectly fit into the new Strelet-Mini format, what do you think?
We just have the old tired Esci set (from Italerie) and the 8 poses from ACTA.
With the colonial-era-wars-sets (Boer War) done so well by Strelets this could be another winner!

Re: Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

Do you really think, Romans would have their pilum in an outstretched right hand while marching.

Usually they had the pilum over the shoulder with the helmet bound to it.

So I am wondering why you all think it could be Romans. BTW, I would be happy to get more Romans!


Re: Re: Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

My initial guess was Romans, they looked baggage laden but I have changed my mind and wonder if they are Vikings making off with their ill-gotten gains. I was also wondering about the medieval peasants - no info on either Valdemar or Caesar sites, so we don't even know if design drawings have been done or any sculpting at all, what about an update from either manufacturer. Suggestion for Strelets (as if you need any more!) what about a civilian range in standard format? Could be classical Mediterranean, Germano-Celtic ancients, medieval (we already have some bits in the Medieval Britain and Italeri jousting set, but we always need more women of varied status), renaissance, 18th century, Napoleonic and 20th century. Something to people our towns and villages.BTW have a look at Odemars painted nativity, not at all religious myself but great material to go with Caesar's new Hebrews or any Middle Eastern scenario (I'll give the Santa Claus to my wife to put on the Christmas cake).

Whilst I'm on, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone (even the Americans, Dave and Malcolm ;-) here's hoping that 2007's conflicts will be played out on tables in 1/72nd and not for real as they were so tragically this year. A huge thank you to all the figure manufacturers, 2006 has been incredibly bountiful (although I'm gonna have to win the lottery to keep up) and an especial thank you to Strelets for hosting this fine forum and also their constantly improving quality and most of all for the mini-sets which are just going to fly off the shelves.

Re: Valdemar Peasants

On Valdemar site there are enough infos on this upcoming set, with master figures and master sprue.
After the first test shots, few changes have been made to some of the poses and a new mould is under development.
The sets is expected for the 1st Quarter of 2007.
As soon as I'll get the final test sprue I'll post it on SoL and give more infos here...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mystery set 007, it must be roman army on march!!!

I think Strelets is aiming to complement exisiting sets with these mini-sets. My best bet would be Russian soldiers, reinforcements for Alexander Nevsky, on the march.

double oh seven

Can only be SMERSH forces shaken not stirred...james Bond get it..ah well I'll stick to Roman s on the march also then