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Re: Strelets/St Nicholas

Dear Donald,

I know you wrote the letter to Santa and expect some response from the above mentioned, so I beg your pardon for dropping in.
I also waited and waited to get the set from the local hobby shops or my usual internet seller. No luck! Recently, I panicked after reading some discouraging news about the possibility of never ever getting the set, so I eBay-ed. A week ago I got my box from a british eBay store - "Drums & Flag" I think. If Santa woun't help you, try sellers based in Britain. The set is certainly worth having!


Re: Re: Strelets/St Nicholas

Dear Radu, thank you for your kind advice.
If Santa doesn't come through, I'll follow it.
Please have a wonderful Christmas & may you find all the plastic figure sets you desire under the tree.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets/St Nicholas

Dear Friends,

Santa is asking you to approach your local shops and request them to order this staff. If you don't ask them they don't know you want it and don't order it.

Best regards,

Santa AKA Strelets

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets/St Nicholas

Good advice, St Strelets. You & yours have a wonderful Christmas.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets/St Nicholas

Thank you, and I can only reciprocate your wishes!