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Re: ww1 italian infantry

Hi Marc,

thanks for the info. Some strange poses, but all in all they are not too bad.


Re: Re: ww1 italian infantry

The one advancing with his head a bit down and looking to the site is strange.
The rest seem okay; I will place thegrenate thrower place on trench or stair orso.
Flame thrower is not doing much and ofcourse too much officers, but that's what you can expect from waterloo 1815.
Like the one who's cutting barbewire

Re: Re: Re: ww1 italian infantry

The standig and kneeling firing men and the running one have stange/incorrect poses...
The officer is a giant, and some Adrian helmet have a wrong crest.
It's a pity 2 sprues in 2 copies, as always :-(
But all in all it's a worth set IMHO
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Link to painted samples:

Re: ww1 italian infantry

As much as I would like to have some WW1 Italians this is a set that I won't buy simply because all the poses are wrong.