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Re: Re: The Forgotten War

Sounds interesting. Hope you guys expand on the details of this topic. I am not up-to-speed on the details of the German Civil War. First I have ever heard of it ... ?


Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War

HI Dave!
I thing they are tolking about austro-prussian war 1866.

I also would like to have these armies plus French army from 1870 they could be used for franco-prussian war also.

Best regards to all.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War

Hi Pavol!

Yes, Franco-Prussian War is a theme that would be very popular with the members of this forum. I have had my fingers crossed for this theme for so long, my fingers will not bend back straight anymore! Ouch!

Still, I will keep hoping, as many others are too.

Talk soon ... :-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War

Hi Dave,

what do you want to know about it? How the Hannoverians beat the Prussians at Langensalza and after the battle gave up? The Bavarian corps then retired and fought several actions against the Prussians which we sadly all lost (I am a Bavarian).

Then small skirmishes between Württemberg, Baden and Hessen troops against the Prussians.

This is the so called "campaign of the River Main" in 1866. The decission of the war was made at Königgrätz against the Austrians and Saxons.

In this whole war there was just one Austrian victory in a smaller clash. Beside this the Prussians won every engangement against them. Not because of the Zündnadel-gun as everybody thinks, but because of the old massed attack the Austrians mounted on the Prussians. Same like in 1914...

The interesting thing are the different uniforms of the German contingents. In 1870 you have on the German side Prussians, Bavarians and Württembergers (not to forget the black brunswickers). The rest had Prussian uniforms.

In 1866 every German state had his own uniforms, very colourful. In an old Airfix-magazine is an article for conversions for this war.

If you like, I can send Strelets some photos of my conversions (if you like it too Strelets )


The Forgotten wars

Gentlemen, I have always found it hard to contemplate why plastic 1/72 manufacturers havent yet exploited this critical area of wargaming.

The first machine guns, the still colorful uniforms of the post Napoleonic era.The mass battalions and cavalry.

But moreso why the mighty strength of the Prussian Army of this period from 1860-1914 has not been effectively covered.

How much figures of an Austro Prussian War range be used in the Italian Wars of Independence ,The Franco Prussian War.

I think that some of strelets new ww1 cavalry may be back converted to this era.
Any comments.Hank


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War

Hi Uwe & Hank,

Wow, Uwe! Nice history. I liked it so much I have copied it and will keep it with my permanent collection.

Feel free to send me some scans if you have time. My e-mail is:

And Hank. Some of the new Strelets WWI German Cavalry will do double duty in any Franco-Prussian War I put together. I think the "Uhlans" with the big square tops would look nice and the "Curassiers" too, with thier beautiful pickelhaubs, when we get them in the U.S.

Cheers Guys!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

Hi Uwe.
You are right on the thing about austrians atacking in mass formations,but I have to disagree on the thing Zundnadel-gun!-Breach-loading rifle was one of main reason of huge loses of austrians!As I coretly remember rite of fire of prussian breech-loading rifles was 6th times faster as austrian muzzle loading riffel.As I'm infantryman in and before I was in slovakian army.I can tell you that with muzzle loading riffel you will lose time while louding that why you have too stop and to load.

As I can emagine prussian while defending pined down by superior austrian artilery[longer range]Wher able to loud and shoot while on prone position-because prussian wher able to loud ther riffels from back,jast to insert bulet!While for austrians would be impasible-they could shoot while on prom position but they couldn't loud it that way.

Battel at 1866-Koniggratz today in bohemia-[HRADEC KRALOVE in czek]armies;Austrian army 90,000 versus;
Saxon army 25,000

Prussians:140,000 which litle less than 100,000 came latter 14;30 liding by crown prince.Finale counter-atack by austrians from the batalions of brigadier gen.Ferdinand Rozsenzweg von Dreuwehr's austrian line.The austrian line and arriving pruss.reinforcments joined fight jast as austrians had forced the 1st prussian guard back to Chlum.THE RESULT WAS DICISIVE SHOCK OF FIRE POWER WHICH COLAPSED AUSTRIAN LINE.At 15:00[3pm]Benedeck ordered a series of cavalry counter-charges to back up austrian artillery and cover the general retreat.In proces 1500-2000 austrian cavalrymen died to save thers artilery&infantry.Prussians loses where 8,572
Austrians and saxons much more 24,872 deat and wounded and 20,000 captives!
on italian front went ewrething well for Austrians.In war Austrian,Bavaria,Saxony,Baden,Wurtemberg,Hanover and some minor states formaly knowen as ger.confederation.Had strenght 600.000 men.Prussian and some minor german states 500.000 plus 300,000 italians!The biggest mistake of austrians was that they together fought with prussians against DenmarK 1864-Knowen as second schleswig war!Austria at that time was reacher than prussia-I don' rerember names but some austrians after war with Denmark stated that it's time to reequipp army with breeach-loading rifels-and they replyed that it would be waste of bulits-that soldiers would go out of ammo very soon!

Bavarian army at thet time was in bed shape because too many new recruiters and not enough experienced officers-That why they got bitten by prussians!Not like in napoleonic wars they did much better!
Hope that helps!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

Corection;Austrians&Saxons together versus Prussians,I put versus in wrong line,SORRY!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

Thansk pavol for a good read.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

You wellcome guys!

We need prussians,austrians,french three wars each fighting other!

1.war 1859 Franco-austrian war[also known as austro sardinian war.France&Sardinia versus Austria

2.war 1866 Austro-Prussian war[italians as ally of Prussia

3.1870 Franco-Prussian war.

And plenty of german states allies
4.Danish troops would be bonus for war 1864-prussia&austria versus Denmark.We could use most of austro-prussian armies from above writen wars!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

Hi Pavol,

I aggree with you about the firing time of the Prussians. Of course this helped them a lot. But at Königgrätz the Prussians became involved in combat against the Austrian Jägers and came of worst.

Against the Bavarians the Prussians had a higher casualty rate than against the Austrians. The reason was the Bavarian Podewill gun, which shoot farther than the Prussian needle-gun. So the Bavarians lost around 40% more than the Prussians, but the Austrians several time the number of Prussians.

We were not soo bad in 1866. Ok, our Cuirassiers panicked and ran away, but beside this we are all heros


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

To Uwe!

Or maybe Prussian cuirassiers didn't panic,but they couldn't decide with who will they fight,Austrian or Prussians,so they have desided to get some good german beer and wait for outcome of war!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War-RIFFELS!

Hi Yevgen,

yes, this could be the Bavarian way of life

BTW, yesterday I read the regimental history of the Bavarian 2nd Cuirassiers. One dead and 11 wounded in 1866. Sounds not like heavy fighting...


Re: Re: The Forgotten War

This would be an awesome conflict to have figs for! i've read a couple of articles about this war. it is widely recognized as the 1st real use of cartridge/bolt action rifles(by the Prussians) & breech loaded artillery(by the Austrians) in a major conflict.

Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War

If only sTRELETS OR any manufacturers were aware ? So many wars these figures could be used in.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War - Wow Guys

Oh, yes! I agree too.

Thank you Uwe and Pavol for your interesting histories. I have now copied both.

As Strelets*R once said, "It is conceivable in our time that all the conflicts we are hoping for will be produced."

"The seeds of desire and need have been planted. Now for the harvest!"

Happy Collecting & Dreaming!


check out ALL the above dude.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Forgotten War - Wow Guys

further to uwe's mention of airfix magazine articles there were 6 in the series running from april 1970 to november 1970 covering the 7 week war 1866 with plenty of conversion guides,
cheers old john

Re: The Forgotten War - Seven week war

Hello Old John , thank for the heads up .Afraid my big brother nabbed all my airfix magazines and the Air Pictorials i had delivered. Be good to see these pages scanned and then updated with any modern manufactured figures that may be included.

Re: Re: The Forgotten War - Seven week war

hello hank,if you want photostats of the 7 week war articles get in touch with me direct
cheers old john
and anyone else interested

I'd be interested

Re: I'd be interested

hi arlin, get in touch and i'll send copies of atricles
cheers old john