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Re: New Strelets Range

The format would fit perfectly for the ACW, the 7YW, Napoleonic and many others where a fairly uiniform line would be the mutt's nuts. An ACW range would be superb. Too many of the sets available now do not cater for accurate or enjoyable wargaming.
Ian Bruce

Re: Re: New Strelets Range

The new mini range is a great idea, gents! Keep up the good work and continue the old format too!

Re: Re: New Strelets Range & ACW

From a Wargaming perspective, the Mini sets would be ideal. I'd like to see a mixed set of Regulars and Zouaves in firing line formation for both Confederates and Union armies, just like all the popular videos, etc show.

Still, though, before, short-cutting this great theme, there needs to be a complete set of the original S*R Teams format of the basic poses including sergeants, running, wounded, casualty, stretcher bearers ... you know ... the complete theme for both Confederates and Union armies.

I am head-over-heels in love with the command sets so far, but the basic poses are still needed to complement these sets, as well as mini sets to follow.

It is a great theme, and shouldn't be short-cutted.

Happy Collecting!

Re: New Strelets Range

i'M CVERTAINLY NOT OPPOSED TO THIS. THEIR MULTI POSE SETS ARE AWESOME & GIVE ALOT OF DIVERSITY TO ARMIES, BUT IT SEEMS ALOT OF TIMES (sorry for the shouting! i forgot my cap lock was on!) they reach for enough poses & some are just silly.

i agree w/ them using this for ACW & other eras! maybe i'll finally get my Union Iron Brigade?!

Re: Re: New Strelets Range

Sorry guys but you know my opinion to ACW figures...

A set of marching French napoleonic infantry would surely be of interest too.


Re: Re: Re: New Strelets Range

That would be great ideed Uwe.

Re: Re: Re: New Strelets Range

OR BOTH marching French napoleonic infantry and ACW !