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Re: Re: Re: Don Cossacks -- Russo-Japanese War

Peter and Uwe,

Andrew Hughes has some simple paint jobs to produce what look awesome Russian and Japanese formations. (RJW) (Boxer and Chinese imperials)

The Strelets Boer War range offers Indian and British formations for the Boxer Rebellion. And the WW1 and Crimean War sets also offer heaps of figures.

Have a great day, Frank

Re: Re: Re: Re: Don Cossacks -- Russo-Japanese War

Hi Frank,

what a great link, many thanks! A shame that the resolution of the pictures is not so good.

Top Foto offers some of these too, but with their code over it.

Take a look at this link if you want to spend more money:,shop.browse/category,Oh+What+a+Lovely+War+Range+1900-1938/category_id,3601f77ff465407e4ae7cb8c48a48449