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To Strelets*R re: "Paint/Conver" for links

Dear Strelets*R,

I really like the new Format of your site. Thinking outloud, may I suggest combining your "Painted" link to be something like "Paint/Conver" which would include both paited Contributions and conversions as Contributions. This especially for the new "Campaign" section. It would be great to go to one area and find the sets, painted examples, and also conversions. You already have some super cool stuff. Argument/Support/Benefits ... :

* Would link all Painted Contributions
* Would link all Conversions Contributions
* Customers would be both impressed with painted figs
* And Customers would be encouraged for future ideas via Conversions

I understand that this would be more work for you, but I hope it is worth mentioning and considering. As always, thank you for such a fun site to come to.

Happy Collecting!