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Re: Viking Horned Helms

I'd also like to add that other than the aforementioned helms, the Viking, as well as the other Mini sets, look really great.

Re: Viking Horned Helms

Dear Juba,

at first we wanted to get rid of these horns/wings but one of our regular visitors suggested to leave them in order for them to be used as fantasy staff. Since trimming of these is very easy we decided to leave them.


Re: Re: Viking Horned Helms

I was wondering about the horns etc, had to trim my Orion Vikings, but now you have answered the question. Just wanted to say how wonderful all the minis are, we have been waiting for years to have medieval figures that actually formed a proper shieldwall instead of waving their shield around as if they had some fanatical death wish. The only other manufacturer to actually recognise the need for a proper shieldwall was Hat with their late Romans. So well done Strelets, you've picked up on a real need in the market and these will be big sellers. I don't know if the minis will be produced on the same scale as the other sets but I wouldn't be surprised if you will need to make more- especially the Normans, as people have been waiting for a decent set of Normans (the Revell were always skinny, not very deeply engraved and had some odd poses - like the totally civilian clad swordsman from a lot later than 1066!)for years.

Re: Re: Re: Viking Horned Helms

Dear Graham,

thank you for your message.
Probably you've noticed that we've been exploring this idea with the medieval tight formations starting from the Alexander Nevsky and Robert the Bruce armies. These figures are ment to group in tight shoulder to shoulder formations thus creating either a spear "hedgehog" or, in case with the Mini sets, the shield walls. We intend to continue our exploits with the formations in the future sets as well, several sets are in a pipeline already.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Viking Horned Helms

Horned helmets are great. From what I understand, the Vikings may have had horned helmets for use in religious ceremonies. For me, I will use some figures with horned helmets as leaders and shave off the horns on the remaining figures.

I'm also looking forward to Emhar's set of rowing Vikings. Just bought a couple of Heller's Viking boats.

Re: Viking Horned Helms

What scale are the Heller longships in? Where did you purchase them?

I've been looking for a longship in 1/72 for some time to go with my Emhar Vikings (and a Viking American Indian diorama idea I have), and I've had no luck. The BUM one doesn't look that great and that's the only one I've been able to track down. I've been waiting for the Emhar longship and rowers, but it would be great to get one sooner if possible.


Viking longboats and the Frankish elephant

Hi Juba,

the longboats are 1:60 scale, 2 of them in an anniversary pack for Leif Erickson. I snatched them up on ebay.
Also, some other company produces 1:72 longboats, but I forgot the name. I bought one 2 years ago, it's still somewhere unpacked in the garage.

To Strelets and all other manufacturers - but preferably Strelets: please continue the 'Dark Age series', consider to add the Frankish elephant that was used to crush the Danish army in 804. Please copy and paste:


Re: Re: Viking Horned Helms

I have two longships that were made by Smer, but I think they are the same as the BUM ones - I have a feeling they might go way back into the dim distant past and might have been Aurora or some such. They are meant to be 1/60th and the figs that come with them are too big and ugly, which is a shame as it is a full complement of rowers. However, having checked out some reconstruction and academic sites it seems that the dimensions would be suitable for 1/72nd. The only downside is the dragon on the prow is probably too realistically sculpted and looks more fantasy type than the more stylised forms the Vikings used - so it depends on how accurate you want to be. if you go to the Harfields site from PSR links and look at the show section you will see some pics of a viking game we did this year featuring a couplee longships.

Re: Viking Horned Helms

Thanks for the info Graham Korn. What scale are the Viking game longships in the Harfield's photo? Does anyone sell them in the US?


Re: Re: Viking Horned Helms

The nominal scale according to the manufacturer is 1/60th but they seem to fit into acceptable size for a longship in 1/72nd. In real measurements they are approx 63mm across the beam and approx 290mm stem to stern. I know the photo on the Harfields site is a bit small but you may be able to get some idea how they look with 1/72nd figs nearby.

Viking ship

Hi the Bum/Smer viking ship model appears to be the venerable old Aurora Kit from 1962 in a new package,check out the figurehead, originally inspired by the film the vikings from 1958 with kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis,a classic....
other trivia-the Anglo Saxon castle featured in the film is french and sports several later modifications to its defences including Gunports! Great Location though....The "anglo saxons" have mail made from STRING but the Throne hall scene costumes arnt bad...
In retrospect your probarbly better of waiting for Emhars effort for something hopefully more accurate