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Re: Re: Suggestion for next medieval set

I'd like to see medieval Lithuanians too, actually.

I've seen the pictures of the upcoming Army of Alexander Nevsky, and can't wait for the nearby hobby shop to carry them. I do wish you'd have included figures of Buslai and Vasilissa though. They'd be a nice touch, especially Buslai wielding that telephone pole, lol!

Oh, your new Crimean War Russian Grenadiers are great!



Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for next medieval set

Dear Erika,

we are glad to greet the first lady on our forum!
The problem with the Lithuanians is that we don't have a clue how they looked like.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Suggestion for next medieval set

Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope to have some pictures of some of my soldiers ready soon.

Hmmm... I've seen some pictures of Lithuanians here and there, the heavy cavalry look very much like Russian cavalry, perhaps because Lithuania was often on good terms with Novgorod? I think some of the Russian medieval horsemen would make fine Lithuanians.

I have only seen one picture of a light horseman though, in George Gush's book on Renaissance armies, showing a rider with long hair, headband, a fur cape, headband, carrying a lance and bow. I remember reading once that the Lithuanians made a lot of use of mounted archers, as the Mongols did.

Unfortunately I haven't seen anything about infantry though.

Thank you again!


another suggestion for a medieval set?

Last weekend I saw a television program about Ivan IV and how he became known as "Ivan The Terrible", and while I watched, fascinated, there was a reenactment of his coronation ceremony. Then I saw some of the new pics of the elements of a medieval diorama... and an idea hit me.

What about a set of figures depicting the coronation of a Tsar?



Re: Suggestion for next medieval set

still i dont understand why someone dont make estonian-livonian pesants figthing aganst German/Danish kniths there were great battles in 1208-1227 in Estonia-Livonia

Re: Re: Suggestion for next medieval set

I've read somewhere that Caesar and Valdemar are partnering up to produce a set of fighting peasants...