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2-dimensional poses

Hi Don,I do agree with the statement the poses are akin to 1960's Hinton Hunt first edition cavalry (1st ed was separate rider separate horse,2nd edition one piece ) nearly straight up an down.

A little bit of butts up,or standing in the stirrups and elbows out,head proper riding poses are required instead of give em "Horseguards Parade" ceremonial doo-dah, will do old chap.Casualty being slumped in the saddle or dragged along by the stirrup and trace etc would be pretty much a standard figure for use in any cavalry set.

I'm sure your glorious Aussie Light Horse didn't sit tall in the saddle and wait to catch a flying bullet or piece of shrapnel etc.

Strelets have definitely the infantry figures spot on, but there is not the same pose finese in observations when it comes to cavalry troopers etc.