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YEAH BUT 1 year away from production ?

AND YES its a guess ... Funny we hear about strelets releases on other websites and not this one.

Strelets Don Cossacks will compliment Emhars Don Cossack Artillery (bucket hats etc).Apart from the "shoot your buddy for his vodka" poses(pistol looks out of scale) guns.

Re: YEAH BUT 1 year away from production ?

Hi, Hank,
what's this about Emhar cossack artillery?
Have I been asleep?
Where can I see this news (scans???)
regards, donald

Re: Re: YEAH BUT 1 year away from production ?

I ammuse the Emhar Cossack Artillery is the Crimean Artillery they released a while back.

Cossack artillery

Emhar's Don Cossack artillery is set 7208.

Re: Cossack artillery

a very fine set it is too!

Re: Re: Cossack artillery

Yes it is but I thought, from Hank's posting, we were talking about Cossack artillery from an earlier epoch.
My mistake, darn it!

Re: Re: Re: Cossack artillery

no probs don , i only used the bucket hat option for these figures.