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Nap russian inf and us vietnam inf

Hey guys.
Need a little assistance. I am gonna paint some Russian Napoleonic grenadiers and next some US vietnam inf. I use humbrol colors but am unable to figure out which color green I should use for the Russian nap inf and which color green og olive/khaki I should use for the vietnam marines.
I know that testors nr.1171 is good for the russians but I cant get that and I need to know which humbrol color is the same.
If anyone know these humbrol colors and their numbers,please tell me.

Re: Nap russian inf and us vietnam inf

Hello Chris:

As to Your Russian Napoleonics, I might be able to help out. I have an Unopened Esci Napoleonic Wars Russian Grenadiers set in front of me and they list MC7 "Dragoon Green" as the colour for the Jackets. Now this particular colour paint has been discounted but the Airfix web site suggets using colour number 101 as its equivalent. Hopefully this will get you close enough to say that the dye faded in the sun....

Re: Re: Nap russian inf and us vietnam inf

Cheers mate

I got the 101 paint and it can probably be used as faded uniforms althoug it is a bit too light,but thanks for the info,as it has been quite an ordeal to try to figure out the correct color.