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Re: Re: Re: Re: Wow!

Hi guys,

many thanks for your warm words. I want to thank Strelets and Tumbling Dice who gave us some sponsoring for this project!

This year we have thanks to the help of a lot of friends 4500 figures on the plate. Bunker Hill and Isandlwhana were just 2500 each.

BTW, Krisztian you made great photos. It seems you had the better light this day.

So friends you see what we can do if we have some fun together. Next year we will have a lot of small dioramas beside a bigger one about the Lord of the rings in 1/72 (not my idea). In 2008 we have Aliwal from the first Sikh war.

And in 2009 it will be a really big Napoleonic subject. The battle of Aspern 1809. At the moment I am working on the plan, painting samples etc. I want to have more than 15.000 figures on the plate. We will have the village of Aspern and a huge cavalry charge of French light cavalry against Austrian squares and a cavalry fight.

So if anybody is interested to join us (like Zsolt, Krisztian and all the other did) I would be very glad.


Re: Wow!

Hello Gentlemen,

some more photos here


Re: Re: Wow!

Hi Zsolt,

great photos!! BTW for all the others, I am the right one of the three guys, talking nonsense to the other two


wunderbar !

tremendous diorama looks like you guys had alot fun doing that.

Re: wunderbar !

Especially in the evening, drinking beer, wine and talking nonsense .

Puh - after this tour I needed I day of from work to relax...


Re: Re: Wow!

Really a nice job
And also a very interesting site: I have added a link on SoL

Re: Wow!

many thanks for all congrats for hastings, it was indeed a great week-end, great friends, wine, beer,
not to mention the snoring!!! looking forward to the next project, i'm the old one with beard and glasses looking spaced out