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Re: Re: last cavalry

samogan makes some nice points about the ww1 cavalry. the thing i like about these sets, is that someone actually made the last horse soldiers of the czar and the kaiser. they represent, in a symbolic sense, the last dying gasp of chivalry and glory in european warfare, with all it's proud unit traditions and past glories. ww1 marked the true death of romanticism. witness the english war poets, and 'all quiet on the western front'. with the horrors of trench warfare, humanity finally saw war for what it was...wasteful and brutalizing for those who fought it. these ww1 cavalry were the end of an era. the glory of the horse went with them, but the utility of them did not as evidenced by their continued use on the eastern front in ww2.

Re: Re: Re: last cavalry

Good points. This is why I don't collect past WWI, the romanticism, colorful uniforms, cavalry, man to man.