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To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

Dear Strelets*R,

The Russian Hussars are of equal beauty as the Crimean sets. I am very much looking forward to setting up all of the WWI Cavalry sets for some battles.

I hope that the S*R Team will write at least one "Introduction"/"History" and post it to the site under one of the Cavalrys. Or maybe two Introductions? I understand from listening to the Forum that there was the "Western Front" and the "Eastern Front" and your Russian sets are for the Eastern Front.

I am very uninformed regarding famous Cavalry engagements or thier primary responsibilities during WWI, but I like these sets very much. Also, which set fought against which set?

Thank you for the beautiful Troopers!

Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

Great figures. I'm going to use them for RCW. Is there going to be infantry sets?

Re: Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars




Re: Re: Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

Since we are on the subject of RCW I would vote for sets dedicated to this neglected period. I don´t mind converting figures. It's challenging and fun but there are always those figures that you need in large numbers that's best having straight from the box. So, yes I want to see a RCW range.

Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

Dear Dave,

unfortunately we are somewhat overstretched and had to temporarily give up writing new introductions. Hopefully some of our well-informed visitors could meantime throw some light on the subject.
Best regards,


Russian HussarsIntroduction"/"History

Dave, now dont think i'm going to start moaning ,chuckle ,
Yes some forum-ers been saying that for a while re Box information incomplete. Strelets i hope will do some promotion for the Crimean War Hospital set especially as it looks like being of a considerable cost.

I'm Expecting a cardboard hospital building and 3 sets maybe some orderly figures.Who knows .Good thing is we know strelets will keep the figure scale consistent unlike some manufacturers.

the Introduction"/"History must really help captivate the battle theme for neophyte collectors at the early stage.
Also indicatesto us what scope of range the figures can be used for.have fun

Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

There were really no famous cavalry engagements per se on the Eastern Front during WWI (i.e., battles with primarily cavalry opposing forces and little infantry involvement), although cavalry scouting and skirmishing were components of all the major battles in 1914-15. By 1916 and the Brusilov Offensive, the major fronts had settled down into trench warfare much like in the West, so there was little role in active battles after that time. Because Strelets have chosen to only make German cavalry opponents for the Russians, the Austro-Russian battles in Galicia in 1914-15 (which featured cavalry action) cannot be modeled yet - but hopefully this will change soon!

As another forum-er mentioned, the real theater of action for these figures is the Russian Civil War. Almost every major campaign in that war involved cavalry as a major component and there were many cavalry clashes between Reds, Whites and nationalist forces (foreign intervention armies were mostly infantry, however). Also, the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-21 had a number of major cavalry battles, including the battle of Komarow in 1920 which is generally acknowledged to be the last cavalry battle in European history! Here's hoping Strelets does a set of Polish light horse or ulans for this campaign as well!

Re: Re: To Strelets*R re: Russian Hussars

thanks samogen ,I'm a bit bewildered with where these ww1 figures fit in with campaigns etc.Mainly because not much western info on them.

Cavalry engagements on the western front

Since we now have Russian and German Cavalry, how about British, Austrian, French and Italian to follow?

here is an article about Cavalry engagments on the Western front:

links to all kinds of Cavalry, dismounted, colonial etc.:

Re: Cavalry engagements on the western front

Thanks everyone for historical information!


Russo-Polish War

Samogen, reading your post made me think. If we already have so many figures for the immediate post war Red Army, perhaps one set of Soviet infantry and another of Polish infantry 1919-21 would in effect deliver a whole new war all complete. Any chance of some Poles Strelets?

Re: Russo-Polish War

supposedly Pegasus is making some Polish cavalry for 1939. of course, that could mean nice sculpting, but rubbery plastic that is hard to glue and turns flat enamels into gloss. and the slender pegasus figures would look emaciated compared to other productions. so yes, i would like to see either Hat or Strelets make some polish cavalry.

Re: Re: last cavalry

samogan makes some nice points about the ww1 cavalry. the thing i like about these sets, is that someone actually made the last horse soldiers of the czar and the kaiser. they represent, in a symbolic sense, the last dying gasp of chivalry and glory in european warfare, with all it's proud unit traditions and past glories. ww1 marked the true death of romanticism. witness the english war poets, and 'all quiet on the western front'. with the horrors of trench warfare, humanity finally saw war for what it was...wasteful and brutalizing for those who fought it. these ww1 cavalry were the end of an era. the glory of the horse went with them, but the utility of them did not as evidenced by their continued use on the eastern front in ww2.

Re: Re: Re: last cavalry

Good points. This is why I don't collect past WWI, the romanticism, colorful uniforms, cavalry, man to man.