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British Hussars CRITIQUE

Dave Well i think all the cavalry are getting to look all the same with little variation.They do look like an impetuous band tho semingly riding at different paces.

Also Be nice to see a figure not shooting his comrades in the side,at that angle i guess the enemy are safe. So roll out the turkish infantry. chuckle

Re: British Hussars CRITIQUE

Hi Hank,

Overall, I'm thrilled. I'll critique, too, though. It's always good to give feedback. Here are some general comments regarding any Cavalry sets:

* The hats and faces are unsurpassed, as always.
* The ringhand is always welcome.
* Strelets listened - I'm glad to see wounded figure.
* Strelets listened - No more bannerman (But I liked them, still I can easily do a conversion)
* Would like to see more pistol shooters.
* Would like to see Dragoons shooting carbines one handed (like the US Cavalry set)
* Bugler - would like to see plug in arm from the front, sort of like a ring-shoulder, so the bugler is facing forward, like the Britians Swoppet US Cavalrymen.

Notes: Carbinemen and Buglers both suffer from the flat-man poses because 2-piece moulds limit undercutting. A front plug-in arm in a kind of "Ring-shoulder" (1) just carrying or blowing bugle, (2) shooting pistol, (3) shooting carbine forward, (4) charging with sabre perfectly straight out in front (5) holding flag out front ... as accessories would give the customer some really fun choices.

These are general comments. Regarding these Hussars, I am perfectly "Happy as a clam at high-tide!"

And I thank my lucky stars these are the nice truly soft plastic figurines, so skilfully made that accessories do not require glue.

Cheers Hank and Thank you S*R Team

Re: Re: British Hussars CRITIQUE

Hi Dave,
I tend to agree that some of the poses can be restricted because of the limitations of the manufacturing process.
But as you say, Strelets figures are made of that great soft plastic that can be very malleable when heated in hot water.
This means some of those side-on poses, or straight arm poses can be animated to different, or more interesting angles - eg I would give the horseback shooter a slight twist at the waist and bingo he shoots at the 45 degrees rather than side-on.
So in essence it doesnt worry me if the poses from set to set only slighty vary, although point taken about more pistol shooters, and on foot poses.

Mike McA

Re: British Hussars CRITIQUE

Hussars, as light cavalry, were supposed to be able to skirmish, so using their carbines is an essential pose. No good for a charge, but remember there was more to the war than the charge.

Re: Re: British Hussars CRITIQUE

a valid point Jon