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New Lot Is On Its Way To The UK

Re: New Lot Is On Its Way To The UK

Which ones ? C'mon, give us a hint. What's the status of the Anglo-Boers Highland Infantry 1898-1902 ? Pleeeaaasssssse.


The September ones

I want to buy them immediately -at ebay!!!!!!

STRELETS - Will Hannants Pre Order Crimean Hospital set ?

Will this set be in teh UK shop before or after xmas ? thakes 5-9 days delivery to USA FROM uk

Re: STRELETS - Will Hannants Pre Order Crimean Hospital set ?

Dear Hank,

they are normally the 1st shop to receive our news. We expect to release them in the middle of December.

Best regards,


Mid Decemebr Poor timing for release.

Well In reality looks like they will be available AFTER xmas.Takes 9 days to ship here and teh whole world i slog jamming the postal service. Trying to understand your marketing your marketing logic.most people overespend at xmas too. It slike ne wdvd releases are in teh shops before xmas so people can buy them .Are you usuing a Russian Orthodox Calendar or something.?

Re: Mid Decemebr Poor timing for release.


Why are you so overly critical of Strelets to the point of insulting them about the calendar they use. I'm hoping you just don't realize how abraisive you come off.

Maybe you should start your own toy soldier company and show us how wonderfully perfect your product, marketing, mfg., and distribution would be?

Lighten up.


Strelets timetable does not encourage youth

Hi Scott,

Okay Figures due for RELEASE in September are in reality are only being shipped in OCTOBER.Typical Strelets make the dead lines not me.So just what do we tell the kids in these days of zero tolerance ?

Therefore it doesnt take 2 brain cells(i'll give you credit, chuckle ) that Xmas will be well and truly OVER for anyone wanting to buy a special model set that is being released in DECEMBER that probally wont reach Hannants until January and get shipped to USA by February.

Belive it or not if you want to encourage youth into the hobby xmas is the time to do it.(prtetty much the time moms and dads splash out) as after xmas here comes the bills and the pain ...right.

I'm surprised Strelets arent chasing maximum marketing strategy.
You could apply this to any new release at this time of year.

What do you want for xmas/birthday son, oh i 'd like a strelets Crimean War Hospital set , Its got at least 3 normal sets (there is $30 plus maybe $15-20 for the hospital cool diorama stuff). Its a collectors item.

Can we buy it now ? No
Will we be able to get it here in time for xmas ? no
There is shipping charges also . Yes
Well we want you to have presents on xmas day to open.Can we buy it direct or on ebay to get it here on time ? No
mmmh ....(negatives are already in place by Strelets )

Kids are sensitive and have expectations and tend to believe adults. When adults dont deliver then they will become scepticle. Doesnt sound too good and the kids interest fades.

iF THATS Abrassive, you are barking up the wrong tree. Strelets are damaging the hobby regarding youngsters.This is potentially their collector base for the next 5-6 years they are messing with.

Scott you mentioned,Start my own model soldier company ?

Was actually very close. Have been very close,.Major problem was shipping and storage of molds and fire insurance etc all that factored in costa plenty. A consortium is the best way to start and shared prices.Some super Wargame figure(metal)companies developed along those lines starting in garages with adapted upturned washing machines to use for the centrifugal casting machines

Well Scott i'll expect your stocking will be empty on xmas day.I hope you enjoy them when they turn up in January, February when the party is over and the impact deflated. Have fun and wise up.Hank

Re: Strelets timetable does not encourage youth

Hank - I must admit that you have a good sense of humor, albeit at my expense, but I know a good laugh.

I understand your point about Christmas especially if trying to get someone young interested in the hobby, but with all the new figures out there I'm sure there is still plenty to fill those stockings.

I still think you are a bit harsh on Strelets, but I appreciate your well thought arguments and I enjoy a good old fashioned debate.

Thanks for the reply and for keeping me on my toes.

By the way, I fully expect to not receive these sets until January or Feb. here in the US. Last year I was looking forward to several sets that didn't come until after Christmas.



STRELETS A cardboard Crimean Hospital ? Whats the deal

Hi Scott,I'm in Mid California.
Well i truly do like Strelets, but i still want to kick their Ukrainian/London asses politely of course.Their business side grieves me. They are good figure manufacturers but i'd draw the line there as its often "dark" in the Strelets webpages.

(Yuri, i hope you are eaves dropping as I dont even know what this Crimean war Hospital set will contain.Maybe made out of card or god knows I expect it will be $50 plus shipping.if we knew the contents we could help plan our armies. ) What do sort of figures do we expect ? DAVAI !!!

I offload my older figures periodically when i havent used them for a while. This week i donated, free yes gave away my entire 15mm ACW armies fire and Fury to an Oregon group.In June i did same with my WW2 German Panzer,Panzer Grenadier (2)and USA Armoured and Mechanized Rapid Fire Armies (most were professionally painted in England).

I'm probably going to send Uwe Wild some painted figures as he has a big diorama group that is doing wonders for the hobby.he's a great bloke and a pile of very interesting movies.Exchanged a few with him in May.

I think USPS will get rich off me as i was also mailing boxes to a cousin in the Sudan/Darfur yesterday,who is keeping up the familty traditon for medals etc.

Yes I have a dig and provoke a response(see above subject ) from Strelets now and again when information is not forthcoming.I only ask Strelets to turn on the light.Whats the point of a website if you dont update it. Give them sort of a heads up that we customers are not psychic.

Okay Scott at least you dont snivel TO Strelets like Dave Hennen does. I love his enthusism, maybe its delicate Japanese language coming into his wording after a saki etc.

He sure is a forum charcter.Dave O'Brien was a loss I wrote to him.He's an other incredible bloke, pure wealth of knowledge was fascinating and he could do that in laymans terms.Got a lot of respect for them.But doesnt mean we cant have a little bit of fun, time to time.Have fun.Hank

PS Just what can i wing moan or be negative about when these figures finally get produced.chuckle