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GNW Swedish Infantry

Anyone have info on Zvezda GNW Swedish Infantry? I emailed Zvezda and they told me to check the website. I found no mention of Swedish Infantry. Are Zvezda going to produce this set? Someone set me straight. (Please don't tell me to check the website...:-))


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Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

Yes it will be released in October.

And as advice, check the strelets forum page older posts, we have already talked about this.


Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

For more information:

Looks like there is an error: in box image there is a drummer and it says that it will have a trumpeter only, mb it's only a drummer-it's more common figure in Zvezda sets.

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

If it doesn't contain the Swedish pikemen, it doesn't complete the Swedish army. Thus the planned Swedish set would become even more necessary, as Strelets would not only be filling in the gaps in their own line, but also Zvezda's.

Re: Re: Re: Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

Yeah, you are right. Even if Zvezda vould make 1 or 2 pikemen(I mean 2 different poses) it's nos sufficient.

Also in box image we can see one grenadier, i hope Zvezda will make only musketeers, not all army in just one set of 12 different poses.

Yevgen Chernov

Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

from that internet site you can see also medival artillery and some odd way has also new tooling i dont know what tht ment

Re: Re: GNW Swedish Infantry

Thanks for the link guys. Looks like the Medieval artillery set will have some type of limber, which would be great and probably the source of many conversions.