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Things that i don't understand.

Today in forum i have seen that Zvezda will produce Swedish infantry for Great Northern War:

Ok he's what i can't understand, why produce sets that have already been produce recently? I mean Strelets has already began to produce this period, why reproduce them? I'm very glad that there will be more sets of GNW and with good quality like Zvezda(but small number of poses-bad thing for me), but still there are a lot of different periods that have not been touched. Why not produce Suvorov troops, for example?

First Zvezda has produced Strelets set, which Strelets-R wanted or want to produce, then these swedish infantry. What will be the next, russian naval artillery for crimean war?

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Things that i don't understand.

I think you are right.
To me collecter/diorama maker, it's nice to have big armies with a lot of more poses(french napoleonic inf/assyrian army for example).
But to make the very same army again which is recently on the market looks insipid(I hope this is the right worth, used a dictionary) to me.
Looks a bit like teasing other companies.
They better finish other sets like medieval artillery, go into other periods and make other branches of an army of, for example, Great Northern war.

Re: Re: Things that i don't understand.

for 'insipid', I'd have used 'uninspired'.
regards, donald

Re: Things that i don't understand.

H-mm, probably we'll have to cancel our Swedish set then.


Re: Re: Things that i don't understand.

That what i was fearing a lot!

Mb you will cnage your mind, Strelets. Personally I was waiting with entusiasm this new sets.

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Re: Things that i don't understand.


Why cancel your set? Your products are world class. I have no problems with mixing Strelets and Zvezda Streltsi. I dare say Swedes will be the same. I would agree that the GNW is not the world's most well known war, but to a large degree, the availability of exciting figures can generate sales regardless. I was never going to buy the GNW sets until I saw your artillery of Peter the Great (the grenadier with the small calibre gun resting on his axe).

Besides, the GNW troops are also useful against the Ottoman Empire.

Your call, but I would suggest you proceed....

Have a great day .... Frank

Re: Things that i don't understand.


Re:duplication of sets

As somone once said, there is always room at the top! In other words,the duplication of subjects already covered may be justifiable if the sculpting and poses are substantially superior to those already available. (I'm still waiting for some satisfactory Greek hoplites...)

Re: more swedes...don't cancel.

strelets please don't cancel the swedish set. we all need it to compliment your other fine swedish infantry set. if zvezda makes one too, so what? their strelets were good, but not as interesting pose wise as the figures in your infantry boxes. i think these sets will make the GNW more popular over time. it's a neglected conflict, like the 7rs. war and franco-prussian, and before Strelets, the crimea.

Re: Re: more swedes...don't cancel.

In my opinion madpenman is right. Your unique poses are very good for people who makes diorames(and Zvezda set will be good for wargamers).

Yevgen Chernov

Different sets complement one another

Each manufacture has their own style and uses. Strelet's will give us some great highly collectbale masterpeaces. Given their past record, I expect Zvezda will give us a similar to better level of detail and usually at a lower price. The sacrifice of course is the number of poses. Then again, there are many, gamers in particular, who want a lot of the same posses. I think there is a market demand for all of the many different approaches to the same subject.

Never mind the quality; feel the size

Hello Strelets and forum folks
I, for one, have grown to wait until I see the promised Zvezda sets before I make comment or indeed buy them. mainly because one can never be sure what SCALE they are going to be; a fault shared by their colleagues at Italeri.
Up to now Strelets are tue to scale and that is one praise that is not used often enough.
Perhaps our friends and PSR could confirm this in their next appraisal of Strelets sets.
Best regards
p.s. when can I get my 8th and 11th Hussars ?

Re: Things that i don't understand.

why revell is re realising escis old germans and british insteed ther own wwII sets ??? reading from PSR i am angrey because i want revells 8th army not escis