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Re: Re: AWI American infantry are amazin!!!!

I kind of liked the Italeri stuff, not witstanding accuracy problems.

From what I can see on PSR the IMEX didn't offer much more than what accurate/revell had already given us. The Lewis and Clark set has some figures which may be of use.

Speaking of Revell. I also liked their Seven Years War sets alot.

ESCI's Prussian, for the most part appeared to belong more in the 1700s than the age of Napoleon, but I don't think they are very accurate for either. Nice figures anyway.

Then there is Airfix. And Washington's Army is almost passable.

There is a little bit more from some other firms too. Overall I must agree, that the AWI as well as the 7YW and the 1700s in general, are not well represented.

That might be why it's one of my favorite spots in history. That part of the market hasn't been over-saturated yet.

Re: Re: Re: AWI American infantry are amazin!!!!

After the intial disappointment, I thought some of the poses in the Italeri AWI would be useful to mix in with the Revell/Accurate figures for a more varied, more realistic look for the American forces, but they're just too big IMHO.

I do wish HAT would get into the 7YW. Many nations involved, colorful uniforms, famous battles, large formations of men in uniform poses that can best be represented in 1/72 plastic...I think they'd sell, but they certainly know their business better than I. Maybe they figure people into the "horse & musket" period will gravitate toward Napoleonics as so much more is available. Maybe Revell's 7YW sets didn't sell well. I hope they won't gauge the market by sales of Italeri's AWI. Had they been compatible with other AWI figures, I would've bought several boxes (despite some of the odd poses).

Re: revell 7yrs. war

i think revell did an outstanding job on the austrian succession figures. if a company put it's best sculptors on a few new sets, they'd sell. what would be nice is a new set of prussian grenadiers sculpted by the artist who did zvezda's french and russian grenadiers. i can only hope.

Re: Re: revell 7yrs. war

I already have 4 boxes of the Revel Prussians that are very good historically but anatomically tall tin and pin headed. However, I would prefer a company to produce some Prussian style fusiliers in their uniqu helmet which would be good for the AWI as well.

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