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Ottoman WW1 cavalry check

To continue an earlier conversation again... I checked the orders of battle of the WW1 Turkish army in the records of the Imperial War Museum specifically to find out what went on on the Caucasus front with regard to cavalry involvement.

The Turks had no less than 35 squadrons of cavalry (out of a total of 116) located in Kurdistan, which means of course that they went on to fight the Russians in the Caucasus. It has to be said that this was Nizam cavalry, i.e. regular cavalry units. In addition to this, Kurdish cavalry numbering anything between 20 to 30,000 men were sent against the Armenians who had sided with the Russians.

From Russian sources it seems that there were mostly Cossack units fighting in the Caucasus.

I'd be really happy if anybody else could add further information about this front.

Cheers to all

Re: Ottoman WW1 cavalry check

We already have the Infantry and artilery. Cavalry is the next logical set for Hat to release. I'd like to se a support/heavey weopons set too.

Re: Re: Ottoman WW1 cavalry check

Hi Philippe,

many thanks for this information. Surely there is a difference in the uniform of the Turks in the Caucasus to those fighting the British/Indians/Anzacs etc. in Persia,Palastine etc?

So one set would not be enough.


Re: Re: Re: Ottoman WW1 cavalry check

Ottoman cavalry, both Crimean and WWI, would be
most welcome. I'd like to see another set of Ottoman
WWI infantry, as I'm not much impressed with the HAT
set (though the artillery set is good). The Infantry
set has too few poses, and to my mind at least, the
poses that are there are not very convincing.

We have discussed Ottoman sets (or rather the
lack thereof) several times here. Still the sets
promised by Strelets have not materialized. I'm not
being critical, or trying to cause trouble, but, is
it possible that Strelets is reluctant to make Ottoman
sets because of the centuries of animosity between
Russians and Turks? Certainly, I'm aware these feelings are more intense than say those over the
French and British in the Crimean War. I'm not
trying to judge anyone, I'm just being curious.

You are right...

The two mainstream regular or Nizam cavalry units were composed of both Anatolian and Arab troops, with the Ottomans wearing a kalpack while the Arabs continued to wear their kuffiya cloth, all that on the regular army uniforms. Both types fought in Mesopotamia and Palestine. Irregular cavalry just wore their traditional clothes - I believe the Osprey book on the Ottoman army has some depictions.

The same goes for infantry, there were both regular Anatolian and regular Arab troops, also wearing their kuffiya. So, yes, 1 set would not be enough...